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How to achieve greatness with your social media content?


We started with social media marketing eight years ago. Back then, it was a completely normal thing to post a couple of pieces of content on social media. Social media marketing was, by far the cheapest way of promoting a brand. Free stock, generic content was something completely acceptable. While the part about social media marketing costs is still valid to some extent, the brands present online today need a lot more effort to get noticed. The organic reach to Facebook pages started to decrease when Facebook changed its algorithm. The way people use social media transformed. Facebook users wanted to visit social networks to have a laugh, waste some free time, maybe get some information, and of course, connect with their Facebook friends. Few people expected that they would soon start to see an increased number of ads on social networks.

Content is a communication tool

Just like professional football wouldn’t exist without its vast number of fans across the globe, so wouldn’t social media. Nowadays, if a company wants to have a noticed online presence, they must play by their rules. So, by that, among other things, I mean create quality social media content. Content is like a tool you use to communicate. If those tools are blunt, you won’t do much work with them. What did we do as a full-service digital agency? We adapted, of course. 

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Blog writing is a continuous process. Our example of writing several blog posts on monthly basis for Zagreb tourist board confirms that

Content marketing takes time. It is known to bring results in the long run. For it to be successful, you’ll need several things: 

  • persistence in writing
  • strategy in planning
  • always new and interesting topics
  • think from the perspective of others
  • make your topics general enough
  • make your topics specific enough

Persistance is the key!

Some visual content we produced for our client Saop Croatia.

If your clients brand or service are not tangible, create characters and take your time telling the story about the brand through them

You can’t expect the results overnight. A fact you must be aware of before you even start. One of the essential things in content writing are deadlines! If you don’t set them, you will postpone your content writing. It’s an additional effort along all the work you have. If you don’t have the time (or patience) to write it, hire someone who does. Now, the tricky part is, the internet is fed up. What can you do about it? Try keyword research for instance. That way, you will cover topics there’s more interest for. Lay out the ideas based on your knowledge. When an idea comes to mind, write it down. Select the better ones first. Do a keyword research to find better angles. Finally, Start writing. 

Say it, but also, show it!

After your blog post is written, and you proofread it, start enhancing. Add visuals, images, infographics, photos, etc. As much as the extensive information is generally transferred through textual form, visuals grab attention. They are easier to consume as well. The same goes for visual content.

A piece of visual content we produced for our client Jameson Croatia

Learn as much as possible about your clients brand and highlight the not so known facts

In my previous post, I already wrote about how to write a brief for designers, photographers, and videographers. So if you need some help in that department, read it now. In this article, I’m going to concentrate on why is quality social media content so important. For that, I shall turn to traditional media first. Every commercial on TV looks like a short movie. Sure, some are more elaborate than others, but so are some movies. If you would find it acceptable to spend around $80,000 to produce a single 2 minutes-long tv commercial, why wouldn’t you invest approximately $2,500 on creating visual content on social media? That is, for the entire month! Now, invest a bit in Facebook advertising. Moreover, you can choose the people you want to deliver your content as well. You can send a ton of different, persuasive messages along the way as well.

The game is called “attention

Also, when it comes to content, think sharing. The better your social media content is, the more likely will it be shared. And now, to describe the way execute quality social media content when it comes to its visual demonstration. I will divide this, final part on two separate parts. The first one is much more plain and simple than the second one. If you’re trying to prepare some quality visual social media content for an actual product, you will need: 

  • Exactly that product ( or its image in its appropriate, manipulative format) 
  • Studio or a venue (where the content will be produced) 
  • Photo & video equipment
  • Models, props and other additional things you might need
  • Designer or editor who will create content from raw files

    A visual we created for our clients Trotta Ritterman

    When you want to add some textual information to your image, be careful not to add to much because, a lot of text is not exactly welcome on social media

All of this is something you might deduce on your own. However, what to do when your or your client’s brand is a service? Maybe something abstract like seminars. Well, the keyword here is storytelling. Before you start to tell the story of such a brand, you will need to determine your:

  • branding (logotype, colours, slogan, font etc.) 
  • tone of voice
  • communication style
  • expectations

Brand cannot exist without a story

An image we created for our clients - Higher

Use visuals to entertain your followers as well

Spin the story around the brand, and service you’re aiming to advertise, and the whole story will get much more sense. Create characters. Put them in likely and unlikely situations. Also, take your time telling your story. If you’re aware of the importance of the constant presence on social media, you will surely know that you have an opportunity to say a lot. Don’t try to tell everything all at once. Make the story about your brand a constantly untold one. It’s up to you to know your audience and then conclude what style will they expect and want to see from you. However, when it comes to ideas, and shaping them…well that’s an entirely new thing. Don’t despair. Maybe we can help. 😉