Start writing the blog already!


Why blog? 

A lot of companies and individuals are frequently asking us how to get people to hear about them. How can they build the authority in their business, how can they become recognizable… Of course, they haven’t got too much budget for advertising, so, the idea of traditional marketing is off. One method which we universally recommend is: start writing a blog! A lot of people would maybe even do so, but they don’t know where or how to start. In this article, we will share some of our experience in blog writing and blog maintenance. These rules can be applied to companies and individuals. 


People are looking for solutions online, you can offer the answers to their questions through your blog

Although a lot of people thought blogs would die out with the appearance of social media, that didn’t happen. Not even close. Even more so, the combination of blog writing and social media had proven to be a great mixture for an effective but affordable marketing but on the other hand, blogs require a lot of effort.  When you’re writing about a certain topic, you are displaying your knowledge about it and with it, you’re building your authority in that area of business/knowledge. And so, people are reading your blogs, commenting and sharing them and with it, they’re doing you a favor of free marketing. In their heads, you’re becoming someone who knows something about the given topic and you’ll be the one they’re contacting when they need something you offer? Sooner or later, a part of your blog visitor will become your clients. Of course, this whole thing is not so plain and simple, but we’ll try to share a couple of advice and secrets on blog writing we gathered from our experience. 

Blogging takes time! 

When we kick-started our company, we immediately started thinking about internal marketing and we soon realized that a blog is a way to go. We had some personal experience with blog writing and we knew that it’s going to consume a lot of our time so we started to plan how to incorporate blog writing with all other business activities that had to be done (and we really had a lot of them). At that moment, we came up with a rule: the blog is one of the key elements of our marketing and we’ll keep writing it regularly. In any and all the ways. We’ve set up some internal rules and strategies, kick-started a new website, incorporated blog directly in it an started. And yes, it’s demanding to keep writing a blog ( to find a good topic, research it if necessary, process it, write the text, round the blog with images, links, edit the whole structure of the text, promote the blog post through our social media channels…) and don’t be fooled, it’s not easy to “force” yourself into writing a blog, not with all other obligations we had, but if you set up blog writing as a serious thing, then, everything is so much easier. 


Writing the blog takes time, but it’s worth it

Write about what you do

One of the most frequent questions that we get when we encourage people to write a blog is what should they write about. We don’t know a lot about nuclear physics so we’re not writing about it. We’re writing about the things we know about and about the things we do, about our business. Every person that’s working in any area of business has something to write about, and that’s what she/he does every day. Developers can write about development, marketing experts on marketing and designers about design… there’s always enough new topics.

Share your knowledge

A lot of people tend to think pretty selfishly about sharing their knowledge. But, you know what? Believe it or not, you’re not the smartest person in the world. Luckily, for almost every problem you might have, there’s a solution online. Only by sharing our knowledge can we all progress and learn from each other. We had absolutely no problem with sharing our knowledge about Facebook advertising. Be it on beginners or on an advanced level of knowledge. We’re glad to help someone, even if it means we’ve helped out our competition. 


Sharing is caring, that statement is especially valid when it comes to sharing knowledge

Use your hosting and domain

We’re not going to discuss which platform is the best, although we use and recommend WordPress. What we are going to recommend is that you write a blog on your own domain, whether you are a company or an individual. Don’t use a hosted WordPress and the domain, rather occupy your own hosting ( 30-70€ per year) and domain (7€ per year). If you have WordPress on your own hosting, then you can add on all sorts of different plug-ins and change it as you please with all sorts of thing such as themes and such. And your domain is always yours and you can do what you wish with it. That’s a freedom worth paying a couple of tens of Euros per year. If you’re not sure how to install WordPress,  or how to set up basic settings after the installation,  you can read some of our blogs on it. 

Get going! 

A lot of people are thinking about the blog too much but that’s all they do, instead of just writing it. It’s true that you can’t possibly know all the topics for the following year but it’s crucial to start. Just start, in all and any ways. Everything is so much easier when you’re on a roll. 


Maintaining the blog is not easy, but just keep going

The blog is a nonsense

If you still think this, ask anyone from marketing business and inquire about their experiences with the blog. What we can say from our experience is that blog has really paid off multiple times for us and that is has proven to be a great tool for content marketing. A lot of our current and potential clients are following and reading our blog and they turn to us when they’re in the need for help. That’s enough for us. If you need some more information on blogging, take a look at the list of 10 best blogs about blogging


If you think that writing the blog is a nonsense, just ask anyone who did it properly

If you need some help with the blog or about social media, feel free to contact us