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Brands on BeReal: How to leverage it for your SoMe strategy?

BeReal, as an innovative platform, offers a unique opportunity to break free from the confines of traditional marketing strategies. Embrace...

Marketing agency

Benefits of hiring a marketing agency for your business

A Good Place to Start You got the green light from your boss to improve the marketing of the company

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Top 10 AI tools for everyday marketing challenges

The buzzword of the year If you work in marketing, you know that AI has been a hot topic for


OKRs vs KPIs – How to use the OKR framework to improve your team?

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of KPIs. In every corporate culture, there’s a notion that

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How to run an engaging Instagram giveaway

An Instagram giveaway can be a great tool to increase your following, engage with your community, and spread brand awareness. We explained why...


Why is good employer branding important for a successful company?

In this blog, you will find out more about what makes a good employer branding strategy and why it's important.

Marketing strategy

5 things to avoid in your digital marketing strategy

How to make your digital marketing strategy stand out and what to avoid, find out in this blog.

What it Means to be Fit For Kontra Agency cover

What Does It Mean To be Fit For Kontra?

So you want to know if you’re fit for Kontra? Hi there, if you opened this post and started reading

Cover image made of Kontra's new office

October 2021 to mark the tenth anniversary of the digital agency Kontra

Since we're celebrating tenth birthday of our agency this month, we decided to tell the story of how everything began.

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Kontra Listed by Clutch as One of the Top 1000 B2B Companies in the World

Our team here at Kontra woke up to a thrilling announcement from Clutch one morning! We were just awarded one

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Website Copywriting – The first things to pay attention to

This post is a great place to start with website copywriting. Whether you're a website copywritier or not, this post will provide a general...

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The secret to creating content for so-called, boring industries

You might think your business is boring, and that content for "boring" industries has no place on social media. This blog post talks about that...

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Digital marketing pricing – how to determine prices for your clients?

Digital marketing agency cost - how much should you charge your clients and have your digital marketing agency profitable

A cover image for a blog about creating a creative campaign concept

How to Develop a Creative Campaign From Scratch: The Introduction

This article dwells on the topic of creating a creative campaign. It's perfect if you've never encountered such a task before.


Tips & Tricks For Creating An Effective Email Newsletter

Read our article and learn how to create an email newsletter following a few useful email marketing tips and tricks.


Pitch Presentation: A Complete Guide For Agencies To Seal The Deal

If you're wondering how to seal a deal with your dream client, then read this complete guide for a pitch presentation and convince them to hire...

Quality content on social media cover

How to achieve greatness with your social media content?

As the number of brands present on social media is growing by the day, it is important to somehow stand out. Know your audience, and deliver...


5 signs that you might be a perfect fit for a digital marketing job

A blog post about the top five traits of someone who might be a perfect fit for a digital marketing job.

DesignRush cover

Recognizing Kontra as a top E-commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush

Through our work experience, we realized that the reviews from the people we're working with are the ones that are the most valuable. Everybody...


Social media crisis management

How to manage a social media crisis as a community manager in the best possible way? Read our article and learn a few useful tips.


Creative Project Management – Design Brief 101

The writing of a design brief is harder than it looks. The things to bear in mind while writing it are given here.


Social media and its effects on workplace productivity

Social media can be a very tempting way to "kill some time" at work, but it can also reduce employee productivity. What to do in that case


Start writing the blog already!

Blog is one of the key tools in content marketing, at least it has proven to be for us. This blog will give you a handful of tips and advice...


Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Community Manager

Contrary to popular opinion, a community manager is not a person who just scrolls through social media all day. To find out what a typical day...


5 suggestions how to increase the number of your LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn advertising may not be as affordable as Facebook ads but it may be valuable for your business. To find out why read the full article...


Top 10 solutions for inducing creativity

Inducing your creativity is not easy because creativity is not something that can be stimulated with a click of a button. This blog brings you...


6 ways to create successful blog content

Learn how to educate, solve problems and add value to your users by following these six tips for creating amazing blog content.


Branding through social media

Read this article and find out how to build a successful brand with a little help of social media.


Doing social media in-house or hire an agency?

You have a company and want to make your presence on social media better but you're torn between two choices: to do it in-house or hire an agency...

Google vs Facebook

Why Facebook isn’t and won’t ever be Google

We are often asked by our clients (also other companies): "What is the best pick for me and which one will bring me the best results?"  That...