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Benefits of Joining the WordPress Community

Following the Latest Development Trends: Benefits of Joining the WordPress Community

Engage with the WordPress community to improve your skills, keep up with the latest development trends, and collaborate with like-minded professionals...

Wordpress custom theme hero

Multilingual sites – WPML introduction

The WPML plugin allows you to create a multilingual website on a single WordPress installation. Read this article to learn its basics.

Wordpress custom theme hero

Custom WordPress theme setup

WordPress custom themes allow you to design and make a theme specific to your needs. The result code is mode clean, loads faster and the theme...


Divi theme builder – introduction

The Divi theme builder allows you to quickly create a responsive website with a drag-and-drop interface. They enable you to create entirely...

Staging to live cover

Website deployment necessary steps (staging to live)

A staging website is a clone of your website where you can test new updates made by your developers before they're deployed to your live site...

How we define design revisions cover

What is a design revision and how we define them at Kontra

Broadly speaking, design revision is any change made to a design after the first draft is created. It can be as simple as changing a few pictures...

Modern WordPress Theme Development With Gulp.js – A Guide, Packet Json File, Gulp Wordpress

Modern WordPress Theme Development With Gulp.js – A Guide

Theme development is possible with just a text editor and graphics package, but gulp.js (Gulp Wordpress) will revolutionize your workflow.


Custom Website Navigation Menu in WordPress

WordPress navigation menus are a vital part of your WordPress site. This guide will get you started with WordPress cutom navigation allowing...


WordPress custom post type

By default, WordPress comes with post and pages as the main content types. However, we can create our custom content


WooCommerce Basic Setup Guide

This guide will help you setup WooCommerce on your existing WordPress website and turn it into a fully functional e-commerce store.


WordPress SEO optimization for beginners

How to improve your WordPress SEO and get more organic traffic by following our best practices in WordPress SEO Optimization.


Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress Theme Development

Advanced Custom Fields is an awesome WordPress plugin which allows you to add extra content fields to your WordPress template and allow a customer...


Communication with clients during web design projects and how to protect both sides

This blog post is about communication with clients during web design projects from web agency perspective. Pretty simple, just follow these...


Tools and plugins to speed up WordPress website

Many tools and plugins promise better page speed in Wordpress websites. We tried many solutions, and this is what worked best for us.


Most common issues during web development projects and how to prevent them

What should a web design agency be careful about during projects? This blog is about the most common issues during web design projects.


Custom WordPress Theme Development

The premade themes just don't cut it for you, you want something unique you will need to a custom WordPress theme.


How To Organize a Project in a Web Design Agency

This blog is about organizing a project in web design agency after you agreed with a client on processes and contract is signed.


Start writing the blog already!

Blog is one of the key tools in content marketing, at least it has proven to be for us. This blog will give you a handful of tips and advice...

Custom Web Design vs. Website Template_Kontra blog_image 01

Custom Web Design vs. Website Template

Websites can be custom-built or created using a pre-designed template. Want to know which option should you choose


Starting with WordPress – plugins

With more than 52,000 free plugins available to install through WordPress admin panel, there is a plugin for almost any kind of website or blog...


Basic Settings after Installing WordPress

After successfully installing WordPress on a server in our last blog post, these are some setting you need to do to secure, speed up and optimize...


Starting with WordPress – installation

A step-by-step guide on how to install Wordpress on your server.