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Breakdown effect - Scaling Facebook Campaigns

What stops you from scaling Facebook campaigns?

Find out how the Breakdown effect stops you from (cheap) conversions while scaling Facebook campaigns.


Why Include Facebook Collection Ads In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Still not using Facebook advertising? Start now. Facebook Collection Ads are a relatively new form of Facebook advertising that offers

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Is Digital Advertising Making You Mad

One thing we're all forgetting, when it comes to digital advertising, and seeing the results of it, is we're getting something for free. We...


Demographics vs intent targeted advertising – which is more important?

Demographic targeting vs intent targeting - which form of targeted advertising is better and how should they work together

Cover image for the blog post - How to write a good copy for a Facebook Ad

How to write good copy for a Facebook ad?

Writing a good copy for a Facebook ad is not easy, but it's extremely important. It can influence the performance of your ad quite a bit.

luka modric

Who is Luka Modric and how we can use him to explain ad attribution?

Luka Modric is a football player who rarely scores, but still he is a vital player in his team and was selected as a Player of the year. Let...


Facebook Algorithm 2019 – Beat It Before It Beats You

Facebook and its beautiful and everchanging algorithm. Check out this 3 simple tips and step up your advertising game.

small business

Social Media for Small Business – Building Brand Awareness – 7 Tips

Are you a small business and not sure how to setup your social media marketing strategy? Your brand awareness is weak? Take a look at these...

Quality content on social media cover

How to achieve greatness with your social media content?

As the number of brands present on social media is growing by the day, it is important to somehow stand out. Know your audience, and deliver...

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How To Get The Most Out of Facebook Retargeting

Started using Facebook advertising and learned that retargeting could be really great for your business? You heard right

Facebook reach

Facebook posts without paid Facebook reach are (almost) useless

How a change in the Facebook's reach forced us to change our social media marketing strategy for our clients. Content is king, but Facebook...


Start writing the blog already!

Blog is one of the key tools in content marketing, at least it has proven to be for us. This blog will give you a handful of tips and advice...

Google vs Facebook

Why Facebook isn’t and won’t ever be Google

We are often asked by our clients (also other companies): "What is the best pick for me and which one will bring me the best results?"  That...


How much does Facebook advertising cost?

Find out everything you need to know about prices of Facebook advertising and what you can get, in terms of advertising, for a certain budget...


4 questions to ask yourself if you don’t see results from your Facebook page

Learn how to achieve better results with using your Facebook page as a form of marketing.


What is Facebook EdgeRank and why is it important?

This article will help you understand how exactly Facebook EdgeRank algorithm works and what you need to do that your content achieves the best...

Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cover

Top 5: Facebook marketing mistakes

This blog post is talking about 5 most frequent mistakes in Facebook marketing. Learn what are they and how to avoid them by reading this article...

Digital agency choice

How to Choose a Digital Agency?

Tips & Tricks on the topic - how to choose the right digital agency for you

audience insights header

How To Use Audience Insights Into Your Advantage?

Learn how to use audience insights into your own advantage


How to install and use Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is an awesome tool because it gives you a great insight into your audience and the performance of your ads.


3 Key Things I’ve Learnt While Writing & Publishing My First eBook

Thinking of publishing your first eBook? Learn from my experience


Important Facebook Ads Metrics

When analyzing Facebook ads and all results, it is easy to get lost with all those numbers. And not just lost, but to be confused and not be...