Web Development Project Management: First touch with a client

So, you learned about some new tools and terminology in my last post. Now, you are ready for the first touch with the client. That is is an essential part of the process from client inquiry to delivery. Our company mostly gets clients through website/contact form. In this article I will reveal you my approach […]


Why aren’t we working by the per-success model?

The answer to the question: “Why are we not working by the per-success model. This blog is a longer version of the response companies get from us when they ask us this question. It also offers some advice on the choosing process of the agency so you could trust it and not ask for this way of payment plan.


What I learned about project management in the last 10 years 

In this article, I will give to you an overview of things I learned about project management in last 10 years.


Procedures for digital agencies – why bother?

Everybody knows how to do their job. At least, that’s what I always thought. But that leads to a lot of frustration and lost time to explain all over again how to do certain things. It was time to change that.


Why digital agencies should measure their performances?

As a co-founder of a digital agency and a product/development company, in this article I will talk about my experiences during the last 5 years.


9 Elements of Great Work Environment

Here’s our 9 tips you can use to make your office a second home for your employees


Do you need a custom development agency?

Custom development is the way to go nowadays. A lot of companies benefit greatly from tailor-made software. What about you?


Gamification in Business – How and Why?

The most important feature of gamification is the usage of game mechanics, meaning that gamification is not a game per se, but rather a business concept. How to use it for better results, it’s all here on our blog.


How I Managed to Run a Digital Agency?

5 years of experience in one blog post – how to run a digital agency? Find out how we managed to bring our agency to the next level.

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