Web Development Project Management: Offer preparation & agreement about processes

This blog is about creating the official offer and creating an agreement about the process and procedures. In this article, I want to give you a method from our experience with web development projects.


Starting with WordPress – plugins

With more than 52,000 free plugins available to install through WordPress admin panel, there is a plugin for almost any kind of website or blog. Here’s what we recommend…


Starting with WordPress – themes

After setting up your WordPress site, it’s time for customizing its appearance through themes. A theme is a collection of templates for pages and stylesheets used to define the appearance and display of a WordPress powered website. Not only it visually changes your site, but some themes also include some new functionalities. There are thousands […]


Basic Settings after Installing WordPress

After successfully installing WordPress on a server in our last blog post, these are some setting you need to do to secure, speed up and optimize your site.


Web Development Project Management: Tools and how to use them

Dear beginner, after we educated you about terminology, it is time for Web Development Project Management tools. Every project should be tracked and communicated within some tool.


Starting with WordPress – installation

A step-by-step guide on how to install Wordpress on your server.


Web Development Project Management: Basic Terminology for Agencies and all beginners

This is an article written for agencies and all beginners who start with web development projects, from an agency perspective.


Must-Have Text Editor Extensions For Web Developers

This will change the way you code websites. About my text editor of choice and extensions.


CSS Grid introduction

CSS Grid is a new layout model for CSS that has powerful abilities to control the sizing and positioning of boxes and their contents.


MongoDB, MongooseJS and Schemas

Using MongooseJS to solve the problem with the lack of schemas.


The Curious Case of Minimum Viable Product

Is the minimum viable product a viable concept or is it a heap of rubbish the size of Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall?


Frontend for Node.js using Browserify

If you are backend developer and want to do frontend too but keep Nodejs style (using require and npm) then you will love Browserify.

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