Web Development Project Management: Basic Terminology for Agencies and all beginners

After last article What I learned about project management it is time for a new article in the series. It is time for something more concrete. This article is for agencies and all Individuals who decided to start with web development projects and they are beginners. As mentioned before, I’m not a programmer, I started with […]


Must-Have Text Editor Extensions For Web Developers

This will change the way you code websites. About my text editor of choice and extensions.


CSS Grid introduction

CSS Grid is a new layout model for CSS that has powerful abilities to control the sizing and positioning of boxes and their contents.


MongoDB, MongooseJS and Schemas

Using MongooseJS to solve the problem with the lack of schemas.


The Curious Case of Minimum Viable Product

Is the minimum viable product a viable concept or is it a heap of rubbish the size of Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall?


Frontend for Node.js using Browserify

If you are backend developer and want to do frontend too but keep Nodejs style (using require and npm) then you will love Browserify.


How to create an API and power up your business with API-first approach

Read how to create an API and what you should know before you start, which are some of the key principles, design guides and how the api-first approach can fundamentally change your business.


Make your VPS more friendly with tmux

To make development more enjoyable you should use tmux – it will allow you to use multiple terminal console windows in one. Here’s how…


Getting started with API – What is an API and why should you care?

Our goal is to explore the world of APIs, but first of all, what is API? Well, read this…


NodeJS – Memory Leak Hunt With Memwatch and Heapdump

In this tutorial we will show you how to find and correct memory leak in application using memwatch module.


How To Combine Express, AngularJS and Socket.io

Let’s have some fun with express, angularjs and socket.io. Happy coding!


How To Deal With a Big High Score Table?

How To Deal With a Big High Score Table? Well, it all started with a task on ActiveCollab, a “simple” bug fix on high score table…

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