How much does Facebook advertising cost?


Yes, advertising on Facebook is much cheaper compared to traditional media, but it’s definitely not free. Prices of Facebook ads vary a lot and there can be quite a difference in achieved results. Before you continue with reading we encourage you to download our free ebook on Facebook advertising.

So let’s talk prices!

As we already wrote before, you pay Facebook adverts per-click or per-impressions. In this article, we will focus on paying per-click even though we already talked about how it is good to try out different forms of payment to achieve optimal results.

Facebook advertising

The price of Facebook advertising depends significantly on the market where you are advertising. Facebook advertising is not the same for all countries because prices in some markets will be much higher. Also, the price of advertising depends quite a lot on the targeted group that you are trying to reach with your ads. If your targeted group is quite narrow, you can expect higher prices compared to advertising to big groups of people.

Here are average prices of CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost of click per mile or thousand impressions) for different European countries based on European Facebook advertising benchmark report from 2016:

Spain 0.32$ 1.82$
Italy 0.37$ 2.07$
France 0.69$ 2.49$
Germany 0.81$ 3.95$
UK 1.04$ 5.46$

Of course, it is important to note that these numbers vary quite a lot and depend on many different factors.

Also, if your main goal is to promote your Facebook page and grow the number of fans, you have to be aware of a fact that all followers who click on your ad won’t become your fans. Part of users will click on your ad, come to your page and won’t press the ”Like” button for different reasons. We noticed that percentage of people that will become your fans significantly depends on your Facebook page or better said the promoted content of your Page. So make sure that content you are promoting is always of best possible quality.

Facebook growth

How does it look in practice?

Among other services, Kontra offers Facebook advertising. For clients that we do community management, we also do Facebook advertising. We also have an option where we offer only Facebook advertising and client does community management. The monthly budget is created according to our client’s goals. With that in mind, we calculate how much they need to invest to achieve those goals on given market.

Our charge for Facebook advertising is 100 EUR + 15% of the budget, which means that for a budget of  500 EUR our charge would be 175 EUR.


Budget: 500,00 EUR

Agency charge: 175,00 EUR

Total: 675,00 EUR

We ask you to take these numbers lightly and as a sort of a frame so you can get an idea about prices of Facebook advertising. Again, the concrete numbers depend on many factors, so our advice is to start a test Facebook Ad campaign which will last for about a month, analyze the results you get and based on that, decide on your further steps.