5 big bang social media theories

The text brings 5 theories about social media along with 5 advice on each and it’s inspired as well as enhanced with the popular TV show theme: “The Big Bang Theory”.
If you enjoy both the social media and the show, this is the text for you.


Why should your vulcanizer think about creating a blog?

A blog about writing a blog. It’s a blogception! 😀
It talks about the importance of creating a blog for small and medium size business owners.


27 blog promotion tips

It doesn’t matter if you are a professional blog writer or you have just started with your blog, we’re giving away some tips for its promotion.


How To Create Your First Google Adwords Video Campaign

You have a nice looking video and you want people to see it? You think that it could really raise awareness about your brand and that the sales will go up like crazy?


Your First Google Adwords Display Campaign – The Optimization

Thought that it’s enough to create a Display campaign and that clicks will come flying in? Well, just like Search campaigns, Display campaigns also require some love.


Your First Google Adwords Display Campaign – The Creation

Have some sweet banners and you’re looking forward to ‘putting them on the internet’? Well, it might not be as easy and simple as you think.


Why you first have to give to receive

Learn why it is absolutely essential for a business to share some of their work for free


#Hashtags on Instagram and how to use them properly for your business

You can have great content on your Instagram profile and still don’t get many likes and follows. This won’t happen if you use hashtags correctly. We are bringing you some basic tips to help you use hashtags properly.


How to be efficient in community management support – tips&tricks

An article about everyday’s work of a Community Manager and how not to fall into its traps, thus avoiding mistakes.


Master Instagram Stories Like A Pro: Ultimate Guide For Your Business Strategy

How to use Instagram Stories as a part of your social media strategy?


Top 5: Facebook marketing mistakes

This blog post is talking about 5 most frequent mistakes in Facebook marketing. Learn what are they and how to avoid them by reading this article.


Your first Google Adwords Search campaign – The Optimization

You’ve created your first Adwords Search campaign? Congratulations. Now comes the fun (hard) part. Check out this blog post and learn about optimizing.

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