Important Facebook Ads Metrics


When analyzing Facebook ads and all results, it is easy to get lost with all those numbers. And not just lost, but to be confused and not be able to figure out if it’s worth of the investment.

Different clients – different metrics

It is also confusing for us working in a digital agency, because we have many clients and often tend to compare the results between different clients. That’s wrong! Not all clients are the same and don’t need to track the same results. For example, let’s compare two different clients:

When looking at these numbers, you could easily think you’re doing much better job with Client 1. Maybe, but what if Client 1 is really famous and popular brand (like a rock music group), and Client 2 is a new health-insurance company? Getting low prices on, let’s say page like, is quite easy with “popular” clients and in popular industries, but can be very difficult to achieve in some other industries. That’s why comparing different clients is not an option.

Your metrics table

Clients want to get some reports to see how their campaign runs, but don’t want to analyze 255 columns currently available in Facebook Adverts Manager.

We always try to make it simple as possible for our clients to understand these metrics, so we focus on these metrics:

We believe this is the easiest possible report for most of our clients. But once again, we have clients who need different reports, who track different things and of course we always adapt to their needs.

What metrics do you use to track results from you Facebook campaigns?