How To Combine Express, AngularJS and

Let’s have some fun with express, angularjs and Happy coding!


Beginner’s Guide to First Google AdWords Search Campaign

If you need a few tips & trick for your first Google AdWords search campaign, we’ve got you covered


9 Elements of Great Work Environment

Here’s our 9 tips you can use to make your office a second home for your employees

Marketing, Startups

The Evergrowing List of Startup Marketing Tips and Tricks

Startup world is very dynamic, which means your marketing strategy should be as well.


10 Mistakes Made by Brands on Instagram & How to Fix ‘Em

Take our hand and let us guide you through 10 common mistakes made by brands on Instagram so you can avoid repeating them.


A Thriving Business Strategy If You Want to Conquer Instagram

Tips for business owners who don’t know how to use Instagram for their benefit


How To Deal With a Big High Score Table?

It all started with a task on ActiveCollab, a “simple” bug fix on high score table. It’s funny how everything looks simple in the eyes of users, clients or even project managers. Well, to be honest, I’ve underestimated this specific problem too, and I’m a developer.


Microinteractions – Putting The “Wow!” Part In Your Design

Microinteractions is the detail in the attractive curve, the sleek click, and the comprehensive mental model, the ease of use.


Mobile App Monetization: An Essential Guide

Mobile app monetization is a must for most of today’s mobile apps. Read all about how to break the barrier and think outside the box when it comes to mobile apps and games monetization.


Kontra’s First Webinar – DigiTime: Why Is Boost Post a Waste Of Money?

First of many to come – Kontra’s very own webinar DigiTime. Tune in!

Marketing, Startups

Settling the “Execution > Ideas” Debate

Here’s our take on the whole “execution trumps ideas” debate.

Development, Marketing

What Can Video Games Teach You About Marketing?

While gaming industry set its own standards in terms of high-quality marketing, we will explore what gaming industry can teach people about marketing in general and, trust us, there is a lot to be learned from it.

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