Meet Our Client: PBZ Invest

As from 1st January 2017, we took over social media marketing and communication of PBZ Invest – a company that provides management of investment funds.

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Gamification in Business – How and Why?

The most important feature of gamification is the usage of game mechanics, meaning that gamification is not a game per se, but rather a business concept. How to use it for better results, it’s all here on our blog.


Content Marketing On a Budget: 3 Tips to Help Your Content Marketing Become Easier and More Effective

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have content marketing. Read our 3 tips for creating a great content marketing strategy on a budget!


Emotions and social media

From the youngest of age, emotions are an integral part of our lives. How does that effect our social media habits?


Useful tools for planning AdWords campaign

Planning AdWords campaign? Help yourself out with some of these tools!


Brand Identity in the Digital Territory: Why is Brand Identity Essential for Every Digital Marketer?

Building a brand is a process – yes, a process. Here’s why it’s essential to build amazing brand identity.


Typography – An Introduction to Fonts

Fonts are important if you want to get the right impression from your website visitors so choose the right one(s)

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Why marketers need to learn coding?

If you’re a marketer and you want to see major improvements in your business, then here are some reasons you need to learn coding ASAP


Typography 101 – The art of text

All you need to know about the basics of typography.


LinkedIn is stupid. Get used to it.

Some time ago we changed our name. Companies change their names, for various reasons. It seems everyone understands that, except the biggest “business” social network, LinkedIn.


A brief theory of white space in UI design

As an often overlooked and underestimated visual element, properly planned white space is one of the most important parts of an interface.


Why digital agencies should measure their performances?

As a co-founder of a digital agency and a product/development company, in this article I will talk about my experiences during the last 5 years.

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