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A photo showing some SEO plugins that can be found for installation within WordPress.

Do You Need WordPress SEO Plugins?

To help you decide whether or not you need SEO plugins, in this article we'll explore the pros and cons of SEO plugins and when and how they...

A woman filming user-generated content using a phone on a phone stand. The phone is in focus.

What is user-generated content & why is it important?

This is the magic of User-generated Content (UGC) – where your customers do the marketing, and your brand gets the reward.

Kontra agency office in Zagreb, Croatia

Why Are Policies and Procedures Important?

How and why all companies should have written policies and procedures.

illustration of networking with two people in suits shaking hands and with silhouettes of business people behind them

In-house Marketing vs. Agency: Pros & Cons

Should you handle in-house marketing or bring in a marketing agency? We bring you a overview of the differences in this blog post.

3 spotify cards illustrating good personalized design

The Power of Efficient Personalization in Marketing Design

In this article, we'll explore the power of personalization in marketing design campaigns. Learn how to use this precious tool from the efficient...

Animated image of a two people and screen with video streaming service.

Video Ads Campaigns: Elevate Your Advertising Game

Video advertising is not just about showcasing and talking about your product; it is about engaging your audience. You can achieve different...

A group of people around a desk in a modern office looking in camera and representing different advertising agency roles

Advertising Agency Roles: What Can Each Agency Expert Help You With?

Advertising agency roles can sometimes be a challenge to understand, especially if you don't work in marketing. This blog post should serve...

Smooth Scroll – The Setup for Beginners

Smooth Scroll – The Setup for Beginners

Smooth scroll is a technique used in web design to enhance user experience by providing fluid transitions as users navigate through a webpage...


Targeting the Right Audience: How Google and Facebook Ads Differ?

Have a product or a service that you know is wanted on the market? Targeting the right audience will surely help with delivering ads to your...

Click thourg rate infographic

Improve the Click-Through Rate of Your Ads and Win in the Advertising Game

Why is the CTR so important for your advertising? Find out the best practices for improving your click-through rate.


Usage of AI in web development: A new way or a trendy gimmick?

AI in web development. A passing trend or a new reality? AI is used in many roles today and it seems to dip into nearly every part of our lives...

Life after Universal Analytics: Should you use Google Analytics GA4 or alternatives like Matomo and Piwik?

Life after Universal Analytics: Should you use Google Analytics GA4 or alternatives like Matomo and Piwik?

Era of Universal Analytics has passed. Time has changed from old, desktop environment. Find out if you should you use GA4 or some of alternatives...


B2B Conversion Optimization: The 4 Pages You Need to Get Conversions

Most B2B websites fail at converting visitors. B2B conversion optimization process can transform your site into a lead generation machine.

Person arranging building blocks

Think omnichannel marketing – The present and future of marketing

Omnichannel marketing can be a highly effective strategy for businesses as it seamlessly integrates various communication channels, providing...

An image of a beautiful man lecturing to a group of people

Lectures, Conferences and Seminars

A list of conferences we’ll participate in and lectures and seminars we’ll hold in 2023 will be updated during the year.

Futuristic illustration of SEO myths by Bing image creator

10 SEO Myths: The Things You (Think) You Know About SEO

SEO myths are widespread. We reveal the ten most common or most significant ones to help you save time and money.

a man with a hashtag necklace, using multiple selfie sticks

The Purpose of Hashtags in 2024.

Discover how hashtags shape online visibility and enhance content discoverability in this insightful exploration. The digital landscape is ever...

Agency and client exchanging money

How do you calculate hourly rates, remain profitable, and maintain happy clients?

How to set an marketing agency hourly rate for your clients to ensure good profitability and happy clients

Two hands trying to reach the Instagram icon inside the grid of several ellipses.

5 Social Media Trends You Need To Know For 2024.

Dive into the digital playground of 2024 with our guide to the hottest social media trends. From Instagram's authenticity revolution, where...

Website Speed Optimization Without Plugins

Website Speed Optimization Without Plugins

In today's digital age, website speed is a critical factor influencing user experience and search engine rankings. Slow-loading websites can...

Animated image of a three people and screen with search engine result page.

What is Google Quality Score, and What Affects it?

If you deal with Google advertising actively, create, manage and optimize campaigns, you have probably come across the concept of Quality Score...


Creative Effectiveness – If it Doesn’t Sell, it Isn’t Creative

What is creative effectiveness and why should you care? Well, it's a final goal of a good creative - if it doesen't sell it isn't creative.

Stella Artois - The Probability Campaign 2023

AI In Graphic Design: The Impact on Visual Communication

An analysis of the practices and design solutions before and after the emergence of computers, followed by an exploration of the emergence and...

A picture of Petar Bogdan, a partner at the Kontra agency, on a business trip in NYC. More specifically, the picture is looking at the Williamsburg Bridge.

16 Culture & Business Lessons I learned in the USA

In this article, our Petar shared my experiences doing business in the USA. You can find 16 Business Lessons I learned as co-founder of a marketing...

Digital advertiser typing content on a computer

Google Ads Campaign Types: Find the Best Match for Your Business

Learn the best practices for creating a Google Ads account. Discover all the differences between various avaiable campaign types.

Data Driven Decision Making

Fundamentals of Digital Analytics: How to Make Data-driven Decisions

There is no marketing strategy without quality analytics and data. Find out how to make data-driven decisions in digital analytics.

Dark mode design

How to Implement Dark Mode?

Dark mode on everything - a buzzword you must have heard of in recent years and a large range of devices and apps that are supporting it nowadays...

Image of a hand holding a pencil over a piece of paper with some keywords, and word

Facebook vs Google Ads: The Winning Combination for Your Business

Advantages and disadvantages of advertising on Facebook vs Google Ads. Leverage the strengths of each platform to maximize your digital marketing...

Benefits of Joining the WordPress Community

Following the Latest Development Trends: Benefits of Joining the WordPress Community

Engage with the WordPress community to improve your skills, keep up with the latest development trends, and collaborate with like-minded professionals...

A woman in white t-shirt and glasses holding a big pile of dollars like playing cards

Digital Marketing Budget Allocation: Get the Most Out of Your Investment

You’re staring at a spreadsheet, trying to split up your digital marketing budget in the smartest way possible. Facebook? Instagram