How to install and use Facebook pixel

Why Facebook pixel? Facebook pixel is an awesome tool. And the reason why it’s awesome is because it gives you a great insight into your audience and the performance of your ads. It helps you understand the actions people take on your website, and that is something you should take into consideration when creating your […]


3 Key Things I’ve Learnt While Writing & Publishing My First eBook

Thinking of publishing your first eBook? Learn from my experience!


MongoDB, MongooseJS and Schemas

Using MongooseJS to solve the problem with the lack of schemas.


The Curious Case of Minimum Viable Product

The minimum viable product, or MVP, as a concept has been incredibly polarizing ever since its conception. The idea is that a minimum viable product will help determine what’s right and what’s wrong. Read all about it on our blog.


Frontend for Node.js using Browserify

If you are backend developer and want to do frontend too but keep Nodejs style (using require and npm) then you will love Browserify.


How to create an API and power up your business with API-first approach

Read how to create an API and what you should know before you start, which are some of the key principles, design guides and how the api-first approach can fundamentally change your business.


Make your VPS more friendly with tmux

To make development more enjoyable you should use at least these tools. tmux – it will allow you to use multiple terminal console windows in one. No need for multiple putty windows and logins. It will also keep your process live even if you leave it running and close the connection. And when you get […]


Getting started with API – What is an API and why should you care?

This is the first article where we will be covering everything API-related. We will show you just what APIs mean for developers, businesses and customers. In other words, our goal is to explore the world of APIs. I will try to use a lot of real world examples so you can get the clean picture. […]


UTM tags For Facebook Ads

UTM tags allow you to define special links for every ad that leads to the same website. Here’s how to use them…


Important Facebook Ads Metrics

When analyzing Facebook ads and all results, it is easy to get lost with all those numbers. And not just lost, but to be confused and not be able to figure out if it’s worth of the investment.


Kontra Strikes Again With Another Webinar – DigiTime: Instagram Tips & Tricks For Business Strategy

Another month, another webinar by Kontra – learn all tips & tricks about using Instagram for business in DigiTime!


NodeJS – Memory Leak Hunt With Memwatch and Heapdump

In this tutorial we will show you how to find and correct memory leak in application using memwatch module.

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