Timeline of a Community manager

Contrary to popular opinion, CM is not a person who just scrolls through social media all day. To find out what a typical day of CM looks like, take a look at this article and infographic.


Community Management vs. Social media Marketing: Where is the difference?

People often confuse these two terms so let’s break it down: what is the difference between community management and social media marketing?


5 suggestions how to increase the number of your LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn advertising may not be as affordable as Facebook ads but it may be valuable for your business. To find out why read the full article.


Top 10 solutions for inducing creativity

Inducing your creativity is not easy because creativity is not something that can be stimulated with a click of a button. This blog brings you 10 tips on inspiring your creativity.


5 advantages of LinkedIn advertising

Still not using LinkedIn advertising? Here’s why you should.


Youtube virality? Sure, but first get to the business.

There is no recipe to succeed YouTube virality but with these tips you can create better and more useful content that will for sure attract more subscribers to your channel.


6 ways to create successful blog content

Learn how to educate, solve problems and add value to your users by following these six tips for creating amazing blog content.


Web Development Project Management: Offer preparation & agreement about processes

This blog is about creating the official offer and creating an agreement about the process and procedures. In this article, I want to give you a method from our experience with web development projects.


Branding through social media

Read this article and find out how to build a successful brand with a little help of social media.


Custom Web Design vs. Website Template

Websites can be custom-built or created using a pre-designed template. Want to know which option should you choose?


Starting with WordPress – plugins

With more than 52,000 free plugins available to install through WordPress admin panel, there is a plugin for almost any kind of website or blog. Here’s what we recommend…


What is the point of Twitter in 2018?

Should you invest your time into integrating Twitter into your social media strategy? Is the golden age of this social network over? Here’s what we think…

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