Top 5: Facebook marketing mistakes

Facebook Advertising Mistakes Cover

Despite the fact that Facebook marketing isn’t anything new, a lot of businesses and brands are still prone to mistakes which reject fans or even increase risk getting penalties from Facebook itself. These mistakes lead to bad results. In the text that follows, we will bring you the review of the mistakes most often being made, including some practical advice on how to avoid them.

Introduce yourselves to the clients precisely and consistently

Introduction to client

Do not avoid filling up the whole page in order to use Facebook’s possibilities. Use short and concise texts and keep data consistency in mind. If your fans searched the Facebook in order to find you, offer them as much precise information as possible (offices, working hours, contact which will provide a concrete answer for sure). The key part of introducing yourself to the client is your cover photo as well. It should follow certain rules. It should contain the price or any information about buying, contact information, links to like or share buttons or any other CTA. Your cover photo should describe your business in a simple and impressible way.

Don’t you have a strategy?

If you started running around like a headless chicken with your Facebook posts, you will make a mistake, sooner or later. First of all, do not exaggerate, which is very “tricky” because everyone has their own definition of exaggerating. For the brands who are at their beginning, Facebook, among other advice, recommends two to three posts a week in order to get acquainted with the platform, its mode of operation and the possibilities it offers. A lot of brands are posting once a day because more posts proved to have a negative effect, which doesn’t necessarily have to be the case with your brand. It is implied that posts directed to the users have to be accurately conceived with additional content (image, link or video).
If you ask any social media expert, which is the biggest mistake made during posting, the answer will be that it’s “transmitting” the messages. Facebook is not a notice board but a social network which requires a two-way communication. If everything you are doing is leaving messages instead of encouraging the interaction with your fans, you are creating a negative image about your brand, which of course, is not in your best interest.
Do you like to read long texts? Long posts are a nightmare for the fans. Some research results proved that post between 100 and 250 symbols get up to 60% more likes, comments and, shares than longer messages do. Another conducted research showed that posting the content which is not directly connected to the brand is not so popular with fans, which came as a surprise to a lot of people.

Strategy creation

Do you take enough time?

As already said in some of our previous articles, creating the Facebook page for your brand is not enough on its own. All communication channels require a time investment. Facebook is no different. If you decided to manage your Facebook page on your own, consult the experts before you do anything. They will give you some useful advice and help you with organizing your time. It is not crucial to post something every single day, but at least make sure you answer your fans on any questions they might have and as fast as possible.

Time management

Aren’t you acquainted with the platform?

First of all is that you get acquainted with the platform and the possibilities it offers. By failing to do this, you are greatly increasing the possibility to completely benefit from Facebook’s tools and advantages. For instance, you can still come across pages that left their info blank, and without any accompanying content.
Learn how to use Facebook insights which are an exquisite tool for reviewing the statistics on a page and they offer a lot of useful information.
A lot of brands don’t have a sufficient budget for using Facebook ads, and the others that do, set up their ads in the wrong way which later results with a bad ROI. Ads have to be properly branded, that is, it has to be clear what the ad is promoting in order to attract fans. If you can afford it, connect an award with the ad because such ads achieve higher results. While preparing the ad, it is important that you clearly define what is being promoted and what is the message that is being sent to the fans. Insights can also help you with the creation of the ads – browse through published posts to find out which one was the most interesting to the fans and then, convert it to an ad. Also, don’t forget about Promoted posts, which are enhancing the reach of your posts.

What about with the terms of use?

Not only is it important that you are acquainted with the methods of doing things, but also to know the rules. A lot of brands are endangering the community because they don’t stick to the terms of use they have beforehand accepted when they joined Facebook. Most frequent breach of terms is using a personal profile for presenting a business or disregarding the rules for giveaways. These topics have been already covered in some of our previous articles.

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