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What is Google Quality Score, and What Affects it?

If you deal with Google advertising actively, create, manage and optimize campaigns, you have probably come across the concept of Quality Score...

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Google Display Banners 2022

By setting the audience targeting correctly and with a message tailored to that audience, a lot can be achieved.


Why is good employer branding important for a successful company?

In this blog, you will find out more about what makes a good employer branding strategy and why it's important.


Gen Z And Design: How To Design For A New Generation

In order to reach Gen Z, how should digital designers improve their skills? The digital design industry is working with brands that need to...


A Client’s Guide to Design Terminology

If you're a client and wonder what all those words designers say mean, reading this post will help with learning our terminology.

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October 2021 to mark the tenth anniversary of the digital agency Kontra

Since we're celebrating tenth birthday of our agency this month, we decided to tell the story of how everything began.


Social media engagement – How to get it?

Learn some practical tips and tricks on how to increase your social media engagement and create fun interactive social media posts.

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Website Copywriting – The first things to pay attention to

This post is a great place to start with website copywriting. Whether you're a website copywritier or not, this post will provide a general...

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The secret to creating content for so-called, boring industries

You might think your business is boring, and that content for "boring" industries has no place on social media. This blog post talks about that...

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How to Develop a Creative Campaign From Scratch: The Introduction

This article dwells on the topic of creating a creative campaign. It's perfect if you've never encountered such a task before.

Personal brand

Building your personal brand using video content

Why we started using videos to boost our personal branding and how we record and use video content daily.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Professional Logo Design

Some things in life are worth the money, especially when it comes to your business cost. When you’re starting a new business, it can be a...

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How to achieve greatness with your social media content?

As the number of brands present on social media is growing by the day, it is important to somehow stand out. Know your audience, and deliver...

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Recognizing Kontra as a top E-commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush

Through our work experience, we realized that the reviews from the people we're working with are the ones that are the most valuable. Everybody...

Personal branding on LinkedIn

How to brand yourself on LinkedIn?

With more than 500.000.000 active users worldwide, LinkedIn has become one of the most used social media networks.


Social media crisis management

How to manage a social media crisis as a community manager in the best possible way? Read our article and learn a few useful tips.


Creative Project Management – Design Brief 101

The writing of a design brief is harder than it looks. The things to bear in mind while writing it are given here.


The short history of social media: How did it all start?

How much do you know about social media which you use every day? We prepared an infographic which shows the evolution of all the major social...


I wish I knew this when I started with content marketing

The introduction into the wonderful world of content marketing. What does that term mean and how to improve your content production skills.


5 suggestions how to increase the number of your LinkedIn followers

LinkedIn advertising may not be as affordable as Facebook ads but it may be valuable for your business. To find out why read the full article...

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Custom content – the shining star of social media

Content is the king. Any business or brand is communicating with its audience through it. Your message will be accepted that much better if...

giving away

Why you first have to give to receive

Learn why it is absolutely essential for a business to share some of their work for free

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Brand Identity in the Digital Territory: Why is Brand Identity Essential for Every Digital Marketer?

Building a brand is a process - yes, a process. Here's why it's essential to build amazing brand identity.