What about it?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says digital marketing? Facebook and other social media, of course. In the 21st century, they've done two things. They changed the way we live and the way we promote our products and services. Everyone knows it's important to expose your business on Facebook. But that same exposure is useless if you don't present it to the right people.

Imagine your Facebook page as a person. That person is at a party and wants to meet someone interesting, but she/he keeps bumping into wrong people. The same thing might happen to your page without the right guidance. Let us be your digital wingman.


Kontra Philosophy

„Everybody can boost posts, but we are not everybody.", these are the words of our CEO, Ilija Brajković. Here, at Kontra, we all stick to this simple yet powerful mindset. Facebook advertising is one of our core pillars of conducting business. With Kontra, it could become your strong pillar as well. And in today's world, you can never have too strong business foundations. Professionalism, effort, and dedication are our building materials.

Workflow Process


research & planning

You are the beginning of our process. The goals you want to achieve and the ideas you have will stimulate our solutions to achieving them. Not every idea is good, but that's ok because we know exactly what actions are worth spending your budget on. Facebook ad campaigns have a lot of different objectives and we will define which of them will suit you best. The assumption is the mother of all screw ups and that is why we are researching. Your audience, your market, the industry you are in as well as your competition.



Creating campaigns is what follows and it's the most important step. We create them with a lot of focus and concentration. In digital marketing, being creative with ads is not enough. Their integral parts are also campaign types, budgeting, and targeting. These are parts are just some in the process of learning and optimizing in the right direction.


analysing & optimizing

Once your campaign is created, you will be asked for permission to launch. The campaign will be launched into space where a lot of things can surprise us. Luckily, we will bring along a set of powerful analytics tools and be prepared for the conditions we will find in the new atmosphere.



All significant changes as well as seizing the opportunities for optimizing will always be run by you first. Especially in the beginning when you'll be notified of everything that is happening. At Kontra, we nurture a bilateral communication. And while we will keep you posted about everything, we would also like to hear from you because our campaigns will affect your business and we would like to hear about it.

Some Examples Of Our Work


If you are in the need of facebook advertising and you like us...