How to link Google AdWords account to Google Analytics?

Your advertising game could really benefit from linking your Google Adwords and Analytics. We explained why and how to do that in this blog post.


Why and how to get started with Google AdWords?

Google Adwords could be very valuable to your business if you know how to use it. Check out this blog post and set up your Google Adwords account.


How To Use Audience Insights Into Your Advantage?

Learn how to use audience insights into your own advantage


Community Management Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes can happen to everyone, even the best community managers out there. We bring you an overview of the most common ones and how to avoid them.


Top 10 Rules of Community Management

Check out these rules or bits of advice how to use common sense when working as a community manager!


7 Simple Tips for Every Community Manager Out There

Get a closer look at how the job as a community manager looks like and prepare yourself for the magical world of social media!


3 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Instagram In Your Marketing Strategy

If you’re not going to use Instagram properly, don’t even bother creating an account. That’s why good marketing strategy is so important.


9 Best Free Photo Sites For Your Online Campaigns

There are many sites that provide free photos, and we have sorted out our favs. Take a look.


How to track conversions via Facebook ads

If you want to know if your campaign is actually profitable, learn how to track conversions via Facebook ads!


Facebook Contest & Giveaway Rules That Nobody Seems to Follow

Are you familiar with Facebook Pages Terms? In this blog post you’ll find out how to host a Facebook timeline contest without violating the terms.


User-Generated Content In Your Online Campaigns

User-generated content (or UGC) is, as its name suggests, a type of content created by users or other unpaid contributors of a product or service.


How to install and use Facebook pixel

Facebook pixel is an awesome tool because it gives you a great insight into your audience and the performance of your ads.

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