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How To Combine Express, AngularJS and

Let’s have some fun with express, angularjs and Happy coding!


How To Deal With a Big High Score Table?

It all started with a task on ActiveCollab, a “simple” bug fix on high score table. It’s funny how everything looks simple in the eyes of users, clients or even project managers. Well, to be honest, I’ve underestimated this specific problem too, and I’m a developer.


Mobile App Monetization: An Essential Guide

Mobile app monetization is a must for most of today’s mobile apps. Read all about how to break the barrier and think outside the box when it comes to mobile apps and games monetization.

Development, Marketing

What Can Video Games Teach You About Marketing?

While gaming industry set its own standards in terms of high-quality marketing, we will explore what gaming industry can teach people about marketing in general and, trust us, there is a lot to be learned from it.

Development, Marketing

The Complete Guide To Startup Marketing On a Budget

Startup marketing can be a real pain in the ass. That’s why we covered the very foundation of startup marketing.

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4 best Facebook eCommerce apps

If you’re running an eCommerce business there is a huge variety of shopping tools at your disposal. Here’s our list of top 4 Facebook eCommerce apps that you can use.


Gamification Psychology: An in-depth Analysis

Gamification psychology is a great tool to explain why people play games and what are the underlying psychological mechanisms of gamification.


Do you need a custom development agency?

Custom development is the way to go nowadays. A lot of companies benefit greatly from tailor-made software. What about you?

Development, Startups

Gamification in Business – How and Why?

The most important feature of gamification is the usage of game mechanics, meaning that gamification is not a game per se, but rather a business concept. How to use it for better results, it’s all here on our blog.

Development, Marketing

Why marketers need to learn coding?

If you’re a marketer and you want to see major improvements in your business, then here are some reasons you need to learn coding ASAP