Communication with clients during web design projects and how to protect both sides


In the previous article, I described the importance of agreement on processes. But how to implement that processes you agreed with a client? With the proper communication, of course! 

Communication with the clients on a web design project is one of the essential things. There is always a question about how to do that and what is the best way for both sides. 

Well, it’s pretty simple in fact.  

A client as an active member on a web project 

It would help a great deal if you talked with the client about the importance of communication on your project, and why is it essential they are available for this particular project. Besides communication, it is also vital that the client’s actively responding. There is always a possibility that the client doesn’t have the time for this project because they have other responsibilities during the day. If you want to deliver a project and protect both sides, you should warn the client before the project starts.

If you’re waiting for a response as an agency, you lose your money because you booked your resources for this project. Also, the deadline could be endangered. 


During the project, you will spend most of the time on written communication with your client. However, you should be careful because you should recognize critical points on the project. There are many things which you should explain in person (through video call or a face-to-face meeting). For example, you finished the design concept, and mostly, this is the crucial part on every web project. I suggest that you explain your idea to the client in person as a presentation. 

Also, I was a part of some projects where I was required to recognize the problem during the communication, and immediately requested a call with the client. I’m talking about misunderstandings here. 

Always Be Writing 

Always write down everything you agreed with a client. We do that in our Project management tool. Everything we agreed with our clients, every change requested, every additional work, everything should be approved by the client and defined precisely. 

You can lose money, be careful. Write everything down! Why? When you’re preparing an invoice, you always have a proof for your work and the hours spent.  


The quality of your project (profitability and client’s happiness)  mostly depends on your communication. In my opinion, this is a crucial part of every web project. I’m not questioning your skills and capabilities; I’m going with the assumption that you know how to do your job.