Launching and maintaining a project in a web design agency


In this – Launch phase, it is time for launching a project in a web design agency. There are a few key steps I would like to mention. 

Launch tasks 

Data and documentation transfer 

Within our agency, we usually have all our passwords in our password manager app. However, you should send the following data to your clients as well:

  • Login name and password for CMS
  • Cpanel information
  • Info about hosting and plugins/ and other 3rd party elements expiration date.

Education & training

  • We’re always sending tutorials to our clients before CMS training. It’s essential that a client takes some time practicing on their own before the live practice.
  • In the next step, when the client is prepared, you have to organize a live training (video call or in your office) about CMS and how to use it.

Website Maintenance 

  • We use to manage our websites, and we look after Themes & plugins, backups, safe updates, security check, performance check, and other things. On the market, you can find some other solutions, but this is the best solution for our clients and us.

    For other types of projects, we use our management tool and some other apps. 

  • Every month, we prepare reports for our clients about website status. Check this example.
  • One important rule when we talk about WordPress projects and maintenance: The client is not allowed to install other plugins without the approval of our team. If the client does it anyway, we are not obliged to support this site if something goes wrong. One bad plugin can crash the entire system. We approve of some 3rd party plugins and companies verified by us, and those are the only ones we can guarantee for. 


Helm, Warp One Engage!


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