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OKRs vs KPIs – How to use the OKR framework to improve your team?

To be honest, I have never been a huge fan of KPIs. In every corporate culture, there’s a notion that

Staging to live cover

Website deployment necessary steps (staging to live)

A staging website is a clone of your website where you can test new updates made by your developers before they're deployed to your live site...

How we define design revisions cover

What is a design revision and how we define them at Kontra

Broadly speaking, design revision is any change made to a design after the first draft is created. It can be as simple as changing a few pictures...


The key pillars of custom WordPress themes

Deciding on which WordPress themes to use is one of the most important choices you can make for your website. Learn here about the different...

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How to Develop a Creative Campaign From Scratch: The Introduction

This article dwells on the topic of creating a creative campaign. It's perfect if you've never encountered such a task before.


Launching and maintaining a project in a web design agency

What do web agencies do in the launch phase of web projects? This blog is about all the steps you should do in the launch phase of web design...


Pre-launch phase of web design project

What do web agencies do in pre-launch phase of web projects? This blog is about all the steps you should do in the pre-launch phase of web design...


Communication with clients during web design projects and how to protect both sides

This blog post is about communication with clients during web design projects from web agency perspective. Pretty simple, just follow these...


Most common issues during web development projects and how to prevent them

What should a web design agency be careful about during projects? This blog is about the most common issues during web design projects.


Creative Project Management – Design Brief 101

The writing of a design brief is harder than it looks. The things to bear in mind while writing it are given here.


How To Organize a Project in a Web Design Agency

This blog is about organizing a project in web design agency after you agreed with a client on processes and contract is signed.


Web Development Project Management: Offer preparation & agreement about processes

This blog is about creating the official offer and creating an agreement about the process and procedures. In this article, I want to give you...


Web Development Project Management: Tools and how to use them

Dear beginner, after we educated you about terminology, it is time for Web Development Project Management tools. Every project should be tracked...


Web Development Project Management: Basic Terminology for Agencies and all beginners

This is an article written for agencies and all beginners who start with web development projects, from an agency perspective.


What I learned about project management in the last 10 years 

In this article, I will give to you an overview of things I learned about project management in last 10 years.