Pre-launch phase of web design project


When you finished a project (development and design), and the client says “Great, everything is fine now!“, there is an essential step for a web design agency. It’s time for the pre-launch checklist. In this article, I will address all the things that should be done before website launch.

Functionality, CSS/ HTML and Design

  • Test all web forms on your site, and check if email arrives at the right place.
  • Check social share functionalities 
  • Test all 3rd party components such as marketing automation software, newsletter forms – software, ticketing software, chats, etc.
  • Check site speed score with the following tools (Set up your standard. You should talk with agencies about site speed and importance for your company):


  • Install the SEO plugin. For WordPress, we use Yoast SEO – in my opinion, the best one.
  • Set title, tagline and implement meta descriptions
  • Create a sitemap – it is important because of a search engine: 

  • Also, don’t forget about setting up important keywords (Yoast also) for each blog post. Check example:


  • Put company details on your site (VAT, city, address, etc.)
  • Create cookie policy (EU) 
  • Implement terms and conditions, don’t forget about GDPR and about GDPR again. 🙂
  • A return policy is also important!
  • Credit card and all terms regarding credit cards
  • Check all local requirements (depending on country). For example – WebShops (WooCommerce), in some countries invoice should be generated automatically in PDF and should be included in automating email!
  • An exact number of items (not) available for purchase in webshops could also be a big issue if not shown correctly. Why? In some countries, you can get penalties If you show a wrong number (for example, a customer is not able to buy your product)


  • Move site from test to production
  • Configure backup


In the next article, I will write about Launch – Phase!