What Does It Mean To be Fit For Kontra?

What it Means to be Fit For Kontra Agency cover

So you want to know if you’re fit for Kontra?

Hi there, if you opened this post and started reading, there’s a fair chance you like us for some reason. If you do like us and want to work at our agency, there are a couple of ways to check if you’re going to have a good time at Kontra. If, on the other side, you want to work WITH us as our client or partner, take a gander at some of our other blog posts. So, let’s find out if you’re fit for Kontra. 

A photo of the new Kontra office

Most of our work is done here, and as you can see, it’s an open space office

Let’s start off with so-called “soft skills”

To be entirely concrete right from the start, I will dissect these values and what do they represent for us. They are more than mere platitudes agencies generally use to show they believe in something. How do we know that? Well, we had the same ones, there were 20 of them. It wasn’t until later that we’ve realized they’re pure bulls**t. So the first thing we did was lower their number to the least possible amount. Also, we carefully weighed if we’re 100% sure what each of these values means for us. 

The list of Kontra value

Our values are pretty simple but can start to reveal if you’re fit for Kontra.


The first one of our values, and it’s directed towards our partners and clients. So, what it basically means is that we don’t beautify things. If a result we achieved is bad (although that rarely happens), we will rather be straightforward, and make an educated guess on what are the reasons behind our bad results. So, in other words, if you are not ready to stand behind your work, and even more so, your mistakes, you are unfortunately not a good fit for Kontra


Something that we always strive for is progress. Whether it be in terms of the size of our agency, the number of our clients, or each individual’s personal growth. That is why “progress” is one of our core values. Also, we are aware that when there’s no room for progress, then there is stagnation. And stagnation leads to a downward trend which, in a sector as dynamic as digital, means doom. Yeah, that might sound a bit dramatic, but it’s also real. The important thing to stress here is that for us, progress can mean an array of things. Whether it be through fresh ideas, improved processes or something else 

A photo of Kontra office

Meetings are an important part of our everyday’s work, and soft skills are crucial in these situations

Result Orientation

Read the first full sentence in the second row under our core value “honesty“. That’s right, our values are also intertwined. When it comes to the result orientation, that is maybe our main value. That is because we believe that it defines us. We are of a strong belief that marketing, among many other things, is a waste of time and money if it doesn’t produce results. For instance, what good is exercising if you look good doing it, but don’t feel better doing it?


There is a saying in Croatian which is a bit of a joke: “Let’s do it fair if there’s no other way”. To be perfectly honest, this core value isn’t necessarily tied to individuals working at Kontra, but rather for the agency as a whole. In fact, a part of our current about page explains that perfectly: Kontra is built on trust our clients have in us. The ultimate goal is to provide every client with that feeling. If we don’t have that trust from clients, we simply can’t work properly


Unlike the previous one, discipline is closely tied to employees. And if you truly want to know if you’re fit for Kontra, discipline is a trait you should own. At Kontra, under discipline, we consider the responsibility to do everything we’re given, and on time. We’re not one of those agencies who work late hours, and until we drop. How do we do it is a different topic, but since we’re almost perfectly utilized, discipline is vital for you to be truly fit for Kontra. 

Each Kontra team has its own particularities

The elaborate list of Kontra services

We’ve updated our ever-growing list of services recently

Performance marketing

Our performance marketing department is our fastest-growing department. That is why all advertising manager newcomers have to be adaptable to a pacy change. If we look back at our values a bit, we can, without a doubt, say that result-orientation is the most required skill for this department. That was obvious, we know, but that just means it’s true. Generally, there is a high demand for advertising managers at the moment, and there’s an even higher demand for OUR advertising managers. You can find out why if you take a gander at our latest case study. What does that mean for you? Well, simply that we ask for excellence, but that goes for all our departments. 

Creative & Offline

Creative & offline is our youngest department, but make no mistake, that certainly doesn’t mean that things are chaotic or uncertain inside it. The main trait of this department’s work is that we like to show it off. And not just because it’s easy and cool, but because we like to share our ideas. Although this department offers the most freedom, and it will equip you with something to brag about to your friends, and industry colleagues, it also requires discipline. Having worked with a lot of creatives in the past ten years, we know that such a trait is also a lot to ask from creative individuals. You might not agree with our credo “Done is better than perfect.”, but that might also mean you’re not fit for Kontra. To further explain, that doesn’t mean we expect perfection in every segment, but rather that things are done on time, and with a certain level of quality


Besides everything you read in this post, it’s also important to keep our work environment in a good shape – what we’re trying to say is that we don’t like untidiness

Visual Communication Design

Your idea of white space is not a blank piece of paper you’re looking at during your creative block? When you hear “packaging” you aren’t automatically envisioning a conveyor with some product being placed in boxes? We can do this some more, but you get the picture. If the design is something you think about in your free time, and you possess a developed sense of beauty, you just might be a good fit. Appealing visuals are something that stands from the crowd, but at Kontra, we ask even more from them, we want them to send the desired message, and bring results to our client’s marketing strategy. Since everybody likes to comment on design, and since there’s a huge number of different things to learn, it’s most important that our designers are concentrated on progress

Digital Marketing Services

If you know anything about Kontra, it’s probably that we started off as a social media agency. So, it’s not a surprise that it’s also our biggest department. A department where all interns start but also includes where some of our most experienced colleagues work. It is also why integrity is the most important soft skill for this department. Mostly because our digital marketing services are our most long-term ones, and the relationship our account managers have with their clients is always the deepest. So, if you want to know if you’re fit for Kontra, this is where you start looking for an answer. Besides these, it’s also very important to be literate, responsible, and meticulous


Development is probably our most complicated service. Not in the sense that what our developers do is the hardest, but rather that it’s just a characteristic of the work. For instance, developing a website, especially a custom one, can hide a huge number of unpredictable potholes which can create major setbacks in such a project. That is why honesty and patience is the key for our developers. Honesty is equally important before, during, and after the project. We believe that honest communication is the key to complex projects. If there are as few unknowns as possible, every project gets a greater chance for success. Also, there is a big chance you will have to communicate with a person who doesn’t understand you (the rest of the teams certainly doesn’t), so it’s important that you learn to be patient

A photograph of Kontra HQ

This is our HQ. A place where everyone’s headed if everything else fails.

So, whaddya think, are you fit for Kontra?

Let’s say you gave this post a careful read, and you:

  • Think you meet all the requirements
  • Know exactly which department you would like to join
  • Want to contribute to our agency with your effort and expertise
  • Are generally a cool & loveable person

Then, consider taking the next step. We might not have any open positions at the moment, but don’t let that discourage you. Whether you think you want to work WITH us or FOR us, feel free to contact us. We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals, valuable partners, and new clients who will bring something new and exciting to our agency and improve it even further.