About The Client

"Hi, my name is Dunja, and I've been designing planners for women for 12 years now. As for the first one, I made it unintentionally. During 2008, my life was in chaos. I was unorganized. I kept forgetting meetings and everything else you can forget in life (including my child at school once). I don't even have to mention the constant stress because of the continuous tardiness."

These are the first couple of words our dear client and owner of the Planner Boutique webshop, Dunja Tadić, used to describe her reasons behind creating her first planner for Women.

As you are probably aware, modern women often have a significant number of obligations, from the ones of professional to the ones of a private kind. As Dunja describes her business idea's inspiration, it was all to make a modern woman's life more comfortable and much more organized. You can find the full description at https://planner-boutique.com/pages/o-nama

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Main Tasks

So, where do we come in if everything is so ideal? The results we are about to present through this case study wouldn't be possible to measure if our client, in this case, Planner Boutique, hadn't had things made right from the start. Our immense success wouldn't be possible if the brand weren't so good, the buyers weren't so loyal, and if their offers weren't pretty great from the very start.

But when Dunja realized how good her product and brand were, she also foresaw room for improvement. And that's the moment where we came in. We had a few tasks:

  • Additionally improve brand awareness
  • Bring visitors to the website
  • Persuade those visitors to take an action
  • Increase sales
  • Create loyal & returning customers

At the time of writing, we are still working on this project, but these case study-worthy results happened in the first year of our cooperation, 2020. What is there more to do after we've increased all-time high sales by 130%? Well, that's up to us to know that.

The Challenge

As we hinted in the previous section, our performance on this project was so good that it came as a surprise, even for us. Since we can't talk about the specific revenue, we will speak in percentages to honor discretion.

So if the brand was already good, the sales very decent, and there was a significant number of returning customers, what was the challenge, indeed?

Simple (in saying, but not in doing), the challenge was to improve something that was already reasonably good. When we started, the market seemed as it was almost completely saturated. Every woman that wanted a Planner Boutique product, already had one, right? Wrong!

So, you could say that the main challenge was to find a lot of new customers and also persuade the old ones to return for an additional product. Do you know the first question a salesman asks when someone says I already have the item you're selling? "Okay, but don't you want your best friend to have it as well?"





What We Did

Although the entire process is too extensive and too complicated to explain in detail, we'll describe it to paint the picture of what we did and why we managed to achieve remarkable results.

There were three things we decided to do to achieve these results:

  1. Google advertising
  2. Social media advertising
  3. Consulting

The third step is especially exciting and requires additional explanation. If you ever worked in an agency, or with an agency, you must have heard or said the questions like: "What do you suggest? "What is your advice? "or "What should our next step be?".

In this case, we agreed on a perfect way of doing things in terms of precision and actively searching for our next step and what we should propose. The previously described process is only possible because our client trusted us and gave us the freedom to do the things the way we believed they should be done.

To avoid being too abstract, in this case, our client believed us entirely and relied on our strategic marketing knowledge. We used Google Analytics to analyze and scrutinize the Planner Boutique webshop to reach invaluable conclusions about it and conclude the next step in each given moment. The results were, as you can expect, outstanding.




Research & Planning




Analysing & Optimizing


1-On-1 Consulting












As we already mentioned, we can't talk about the precise sums and sales results because of client-agency confidentiality reasons. Despite that, we'll try to evoke the results differently.

Since we started working on the project, the Planner Boutique had to spend more than 80 hours a week just packing the planners. Also, in the time of writing, if you visit the link, you will find that some products are sold out.

Now, to compare the percentages. If we compare the last eight months of 2020. (May – December) with the last eight months of 2019. (when we weren't working) we have the following results:

YOY Metrics




Conversion rate:


Average order value:


Total orders:


To conclude the results and statistics, we can mention the improvement in All-time-high sales. The best month for sales in their company was November 2019. When we started working, the sale in November 2019. rose by dazzling 130%. To simplify additionally, we broke every record possible, and by far exceeded our KPIs.


"They managed my campaigns and took care of everything as if it's their campaign and money. They are very knowledgeable and are experts in the field. I'm more than satisfied and impressed with the campaign results."

Dunja Tadić, Planner Boutique owner

Want to see your products flying off shelves as well?