Cover image made of Kontra's new office

October 2021 to mark the tenth anniversary of the digital agency Kontra


What’s up?

If you’re working in the digital world or are somehow familiar with Croatian agencies, you have probably heard of our agency. We are a full-service digital agency, and we’re celebrating our ten years of business this month. Our story begins with two friends from Split. Our founders – Ilija and Petar, having met on Twitter, decided to start an agency together. 


All of this wasn’t an Insta success

At that time, Ilija Brajković and Petar Bogdan had only two clients each, so they decided to join forces. They started as a small social media agency, and today, we offer a full range of different marketing services. Primarily, we’re focusing on digital marketing and web design and development. At the very beginning, Kontra was conducting business through two companies – Akcija, a social media agency and FenixApps, a startup that developed Facebook applications and games. However, after Facebook decided to shut down this type of apps, Brajković and Bogdan realized that they had to change their approach, hire experts from different fields and expand the range of services offered by their agency. 

“We realized that an agency can only grow with employees who bring value to our business. That is why we are committed to hiring experts who will help in the development of our services and the satisfaction of our clients.”, said Petar Bogdan, a partner in Kontra. 

Ilija and Petar discussing something over cup of coffee

We spend a lot of our time with our Face in a book 

In ten years, there were, of course, ups and downs. But by all accounts, such moments were an opportunity for growth, learning and development, and they were always well accepted in Kontra. After a few years of business, Akcija moved to Zagreb and soon became Kontra. With the change of name, our viewpoint on business and development changed. We became dedicated to learning, education and growth and have taken a position that advocates “first-class experience“. This philosophy, which represents a special relationship with our clients, projects, and business, began to be applied in Kontra. It made a big difference in our approach to sales, marketing, and internal processes. 

“We have learned a lot in these ten years, but we are still learning. Some things we certainly could have done better, but we didn’t let that get in the way. So, we’re still here. Our focus is on growth and results, and for now, we are on an excellent path.”, said Ilija Brajković, CEO of Kontra. 

Ilija at his computer

Today, it’s all Linked In one place

Today, Kontra has 16 employees, and we plan to grow even further. Our fast growth is also why we’ve recently moved to a new, larger office. Among our many references, partners and clients, we would like to emphasize some of the premium brands such as Kärcher, Xiaomi, Jameson and Goodyear. We think they also speak of our growth themselves. 

The new office of Kontra agency

Tick Tock and ten years passed – we wonder what will come in the next ten 

And what’s next for the following ten years? We are preparing to develop specialized departments. This will enable us to offer higher service quality to all carefully selected clients and partners with whom we cooperate. While you wait for the news from Zaharova 9, you can find all the exciting things about Kontra on our social media profiles Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or on our website. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Kontra agency. A ten-year-old Full-Service Digital Agency.