Why we use Clutch?


We here at Kontra, a full-service digital agency, are very proud of the services and products we provide. We constantly want to raise the bar and provide a higher caliber of work to those who hire us. In an attempt to raise the bar, we undertook a partnership with reviews and rating company, Clutch.

Clutch is an unbiased third party, so we do not have any control over the reviews, we simply are giving our clients a space to leave reviews of the work we offer, the good and the bad. Our new profile is thriving, because happily for us, all 9 of our reviews have been positive. We currently have a 4.9 out of 5, and we could not be happier.

Some of the clients have told Clutch, Their CEO’s involvement is proactive, not passive. Every time Facebook offers a new advertising approach or tool, he’s the first one to know about it. He shares that information, encouraging us to implement and test those new channels.”

Another client shared, “If you want a creative team that gives solid social media guidance, we recommend working with them.”

Not only are we paving the way in the Social Media Space on Clutch, but we are also a leader on their sister site, the Manifest. We are a top Facebook Company on the Manifest, and we are so proud of that!


Thank you to our clients for trusting in us to complete their digital marketing needs and taking the time to leave us reviews. We cannot wait for what more is to come, and all the work and reviews that are still to be completed! Visit our website for more information on our team and us, as well as opportunities to work with us!