What the hell is Kontra?


One might say Kontra is a digital agency, and he would be right. We do digital marketing and that’s what pay our bills. But our focus is not “what”, but “why”. Yes Simon Sinek, we watch you.

When we started thinking about new name, we looked at our past and things we did. We were proud, because we started as two partners with four clients and almost zero knowledge on how to run an agency, and ended working for clients like Walt Disney, Microsoft, Renault… just to name a few. We realized (with some help from Simon) that “what” can always change. In today’s world, technologies and trends always change (for God’s sake, some people even proclaim Snapchat as the next big thing which will destroy Facebook!). We don’t know what will be trend next month; how could we know what we will be doing in 5 years time?!

So, we focused on why. Why we do what we do? We invested a lot of time in defining our core values; a set of “rules” that define everything in our company, from how we handle clients to how we behave among ourselves. We will publish all our core values one day, just give us some time to put everything together :-).

When thinking about new name, we also looked at our core values (and, to be completely honest, we consumed a lot of beers that evening) and tried to find a name that describes us the best. Our previous name was Akcija, which in our language means “action”. We needed something fresh and new. From the beginning, we were doing things the way we wanted – we didn’t follow the rules. In our language (especially in a city of Split where we started our company), there’s a saying “uvik kontra“, which could translate as “always against/cons”. We were always against everything. That’s how we chose our name. Kontra – cons.

Everything else just naturally came together. Our logo tells a story. Our communication tells a story. Why we do what we do tells a story.

So, yes. We are digital agency. We do some digital stuff. But from now on, we will be defined by “why”. Everything else will just come together.