Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Community Manager


Being a good community manager requires a certain amount of time and effort. Contrary to general opinion, a community manager is not a person who just scrolls through social media. Being a community manager is a lot more.

The first thing that every community manager should do is to study and explore the client, its values, and goals, and then create a strategy for approaching their ideal users through social media. A good community manager should also keep up with all the news related to the social media and digital marketing in general, and to always be updated with new information. That way, a community manager can provide valuable information to their clients and suggest them the best possible changes that can improve their business.

The main job of a community manager is to continually follow the site/social media page and respond to inquiries and comments as soon as possible because it is extremely important to catch the users while they’re online and to communicate with them in real time.

Now that you know some basic information about a job of a community manager let’s walk through their typical day: