Community management has its own rules, both written and unwritten. My colleague here at Kontra wrote about simple tips for every community manager, but there are many other unwritten rules that need to be addressed. For the rules I’m going to write about, you can say they’re rather bits of advice how to use common sense when working as a community manager, especially when interacting with your clients’ audience on social media platforms.

#1 Show the human side

In most cases, it makes no sense to hide behind the corporate and/or official masks. People like simple, non-formal communication.

#2 Be honest

If you make some mistakes, be honest and admit them. Your colleagues will appreciate you for that.

#3 Be active

It’s difficult to be a good community manager if you aren’t present on social media platforms privately and if you don’t know the community you are interacting with.

#4 Meet your business goals but be innovative

Create a strategy and goals for managing clients’ social media platforms, but sometimes experiment with it. Add something different and innovative – both your employer and community will appreciate it.

#5 Accept the rules of the profession

Familiarize yourself with social media platform policies to avoid potential mistakes. For example, if you read Facebook Pages Terms, you’ll know that hosting a Tag & Share contest on Facebook can lead to serious damage to your client’s profile. Read more about the Facebook contest rules here.

#6 Share your knowledge and experience

Do not keep your knowledge for yourself; help others and they’ll help you.

#7 Do not hesitate to ask for advice

Feel free to ask what interests you, your colleagues are active on social media too and will be happy to help. It’s important to learn as much as possible.

#8 Be present in meetings

Meet the colleagues and people from the industry on non-formal gatherings; it’ll be worth your while.

#9 Do not spam

Do you need an explanation?

#10 Haters gonna hate

Aggressive critics will look at each of your wrong steps and react on them. Be patient, respond in time and most importantly, don’t enter the potential quarrels.

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Ilija Brajković

Ilija Brajković is CEO at Kontra digital agency. He has 9+ years of experience with digital marketing. He worked with clients like Microsoft, Renault and Suzuki helping them with their social media efforts.