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How to make social media content you’re posting amazing?


The job of a community manager is creative and fun, but it’s not simple. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in this field, when you’re creating fresh new content with a goal to attract new users, or keep the old ones and raise awareness about your brand, it’s always a good idea to rethink all your former strategies and those little things that matter, to make this new content even more appealing.

We already wrote about the rules of quality community management here, but in this article, we will talk about a few specific tips on how to create better and more interesting content for your followers.

Tell a story

Maybe you have to write about some dull industrial term, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put a little bit of storytelling into your content. Storytelling is an amazing way to achieve interaction, virality and overall more engagement on your content. For example, if you’re advertising a tourist destination or accommodation, try to be a little more creative and tell a story about a place which you are advertising to the people. Spark their interest and make them eager to visit that place.

Tell a story.

This is a great example where the advertiser is telling you 15 fun things you can do at Lake Gaston. This post will not only attract those who were already looking to visit Lake Gaston, but also those who didn’t intend to visit it, but have seen this post while scrolling through Facebook and it made them interested to find out more.

A good joke goes a long way

You don’t have to be the most humoros person in the world to make someone laugh. Sometimes all you need is a good word play or a picture edited in a witty way to put a smile on someone’s face. The following picture is a great example of just that.

Make your followers laugh.

Be creative with pictures!

Picture is worth a thousand words! We all know that old saying. So apply it while creating your content. Put an effort into finding the right picture or even better, make it yourself form scratch! Use your imagination and don’t be afraid to let your creative juices flow. This Dove campaign is an amazing example of user generated content: using selfies from their followers and combining them to create a picture in the form of their logo. A+ for creativity and effort!

Be creative.

Build a trust

The magic ingredient of every form of marketing is building trust with your audience or in case of social media, your followers. The community manager who is creating a relationship of trust and sense of community with followers is never arrogant. You need to be modest, understandable and relatable. No matter what kind of content you’re trying to promote, communicating with trust will always double or even triple your chances to get your message across in a right way.

Communicate with passion

By ”communicate with passion” we mean, say what you truly believe in! Say what you really want to promote, not what you think needs to be said. Don’t stick to the cold, corporate image, but show warm, human side of whichever brand you’re representing. Engage your followers, ask them questions and show them different side of your brand. Your existing and potential followers will recognize and appreciate that.

Be passionate.

All content should ideally always be created from brainstorming and fresh ideas. If you have problems creating an amazing content for your brand and you’re unsure about hoow good the communication is on your social media accounts – contact us!