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Custom content – the shining star of social media


In the 2018., we said goodbye to some of the faces that will surely be missed on screens. Stephen Hawking, Verne Troyer, Tim Bergling, and Dolores O’Riordan who, besides unlimited charisma, had another thing in common. First of all, they realized that authenticity and personal approach to work is that topping on the cake that everyone’s leaving until the end because it has the inexplicably best taste. Do you know why that taste is so good? Because it’s sumptuous and full, just like a marketing campaign designed well, regardless where it’s placed.


Authenticity is a feature that always draws attention

Although we’ll miss the appearances of Stephen, Verne, Tim, and Dolores both in traditional, as well as in online media, one thing we won’t be missing in traditional media is that classic marketing approach where the audience is left at the mercy of the marketers imaginations, all because of the inability of audience for providing feedback. However, the audience is not being passive and convenient as have a lot of communication theorists thought, neither will this blog be an ode to consumerism and diversity. The main thing making the public “active” is the possibility of choice, and that choice is in a lot of times presented and available mainly on the internet.

At the beginning of each year, a lot of industries are resorting to the predictions of trends in the following year. The marketing industry did no less. Most of the predictions had proven that content is still the king, even in 2018. The premise of content marketing is pretty logical – authenticity and personal approach are the two main features that make you recognizable in a little bit decadent abundance, left to the mercy of growingly demanding users. Blog, case study, infographics and other forms of content marketing represent a chance for you to make your product irreplaceable, and the authenticity of the content is what’s becoming more and more important on social media.

Don’t believe anything you read online, but you can trust this

If the Custom Content Council is to be trusted, 90% of the users would characterize personalized content as useful, 78% of them believes that organizations publishing such content want to sustain a good relationship with them. A Satisfied customer is a returning customer, ain’t it?

The creation of custom content for a social network isn’t anything groundbreaking, rather, it’s the implementation of your personal content in your existent marketing strategy. Do you have a new packaging? Great! Take a photo of it in some attractive situation you know your audience would like and share it with them on social media. Are you planning a new service? Even better! Create a short video appropriate for your company and share it with your users! Not only do users react pretty good on the content you produced yourself (as opposing to generic stock photos), you have a chance to promote your content in a way that only you deem acceptable.

Viral content

Getting viral is something everybody’s striving to achieve, but nobody knows the ultimate recipe for getting there

Social media are a perfect way for playing with your own image because you can use their advantages in order to test marketing techniques: you can create your own dictionary of communication, create your own hashtags, short videos that can be used also as an advertising campaign, but, maybe most important – you can post a recognizable and point out yourself in relation to your competition.

Even if we haven’t persuaded you to give your phone camera an opportunity to show what you know, we’ve found a couple more reasons because of which, you should think about creating your own content for social media:

  • Content marketing on a page is what is going to attract people, but social media is a place where the community of satisfied customers is being created and it is focusing on a good relationship with them. The recognizable content leaves an impression that it’s you who is on the other side and not the management reproducing this content just to be present.
  • Custom content is a link between your business goals and the thing your audience needs. Creating your own content on social media is a great opportunity to connect your goals with the needs of your audience because your content will be “the missing link”. It is the opportunity to answer to all of the questions even before they have been set up
  • Although content marketing is a great idea for online promotions, it demands a lot of time, and that is the resource you will never have enough of. If you’re only just starting to create content marketing for your website, social media are a great way to go when you want to test shorter forms of content marketing.
  • You can use the best out of two marketing types: social media marketing is going to be presented to a lot of people, while, at the same time, they will contain your authentic “signature” along with a lot of fun or informative stuff, which is the main premise of content.
  • Finally, a research of the Content Marketing Institute had shown that interesting and authentic content on social media is one of the top three reasons because of which people follow your brand. And if they’re following your brand, you will know everything about the new offers and services, won’t you?
  • Interesting content is being shared. Social media are the ultimate first in turning your content into viral one, why then not use it?

Custom content is not a new idea, it just spread from websites on social media in order to complete the whole story about your brand, you are telling. Interesting and informative content is what sells, and if your website is containing enough of such, customer-attracting content, why wouldn’t you do the same on social media and create a community of your own brand ambassadors? If you are not entirely sure how, feel free to contact us so we could discuss this topic in detail.