27 blog promotion tips


Are you writing a blog, but don’t know how to attract your audience? Even more important, do you know how to retain your audience and keep them animated and active? Perhaps you’re even writing your blog for a longer period, and it seems like nobody’s reading your posts? No matter how long you are writing the blog and how many pieces of advice you have read on writing and promoting your blog posts, it’s always useful to remind yourselves about the essential things. Besides that, you have to check if you’re leaving behind something important which makes your posts hit a wall and not getting to the targeted audience.

27 blog promotion tips

1. In your blog post, concentrate on giving a useful piece of information. The best promotion is positive feedback from your readers which are slowly becoming your ambassadors.


2. Your content should be closely related to the things you do. Be consistent!

3. You have to catch your readers’ attention by highlighting the most important things at the very beginning. That way they will be interested in what you have to say and not only will you draw their attention, but they will stick with the post until the end wanting to know everything that you have to say.

Highlight the important things

4. Create infographics. They are a practical, easy-understandable and interesting way to present information to your readers.

5. Write e-books. It’s a helpful tool for your readers which they will appreciate.

6. Since you are writing interesting posts, you should use interesting pictures as well.

Interesting photos

7. Use external links (hyperlinks which are leading to other interesting pages or blog posts). This way you have the opportunity to make connections with other people writing about similar topics, and maybe they will return with the same gesture.

8. Host interesting authors in your blogs and show your readers some different perspectives.

9. Make sure to share your latest blog posts on all the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and even Instagram – use the power of a photo while putting the link in the bio). However, you have to be careful that the content is adapted to match the nature of each of the social networks.

10. It’s smart to invest your money in Facebook or Google advertising to promote the most important blog posts.

11. On social networks like Twitter or Instagram, it’s important to use hashtags to ease the finding process for your readers.

12. Start sending newsletters to notify your readers/subscribers when you add new content to your blog.

13. Don’t forget to engage with your readers: answer their questions and comments. That includes not only on blog posts but on every social network as well. Be the type of author people won’t be afraid to approach to.

Engage with your audience

14. Sometimes it’s nice to ask your readers what they would like to read about. You can do that via any channel: any social network, newsletter, etc.

15. Feedback is crucial and very useful! Keeping that in mind, you always have to encourage your readers to express their opinion on the topic you’re writing about.

Feedback is important

16. When you’re referring to something you have already written about, it’s always a good idea to link to the previous posts, just in case someone needs additional or background information.

17. To meet people with your blog, add the link to your blog in the signature of your e-mail and put it in the description of all of your social networks.

18. Why not write the web address of your blog on your business card, too?

19. Optimize your texts for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). You’ll have to explore which are the keywords you are supposed to use if you want your target audience to find you.

20. Keep track of your Google Analytics. That way you will always know who are the type of people reading your blog and from which channel are they coming from.

21. It’s advisable to use UTM tags to track the results, more specifically, the frequency of people visiting your blog and the behavior of users coming from different channels on which you are promoting your blog.

22.You should promote your blog post even before it has been published. That means that, on your social networks, you can release the process of writing or even different teasers. They can help you discover what your readers expect from you, what would they want to read about or their opinion on the way you’ll approach the topic.

The making of the blog

23. Enable your readers to share the post on different social networks easily. If they have to go through many steps to share it, they probably won’t.

24. All the older blog posts with a topic that is current can be shared once more. Even though it’s not new, someone might be looking exactly for this piece of information now, and the post would come in handy for them.

25. The author(s) of the blog should always be available for its readers. You should consider putting your photo and contact on your blog. You can gain credibility when your readers know who’s writing and they can easily ask you any questions.

26. Find a way to stimulate some influential persons from your field of expertise to share your blog on their social networks.

27. A great way to get noticed is by being active and participating in discussions on the topics that you’re writing about.

Of course, that’s not all. There are hundreds of ways to promote your blog and keeping your audience interested in the posts you’re writing.