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TZ Mađarska

Creating Valuable Content And Local Community

When Mediator.hu, a renowned Hungarian full-service agency, contacted us to collaborate on an exciting project, we jumped at the opportunity. Mediator was looking for a strong and experienced partner who would create and localize content for their client - The Hungarian Tourism Agency.

Social Media Marketing
Community Management

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As experienced communicators, back in 2020, we smoothly took over the Visit Hungary Croatia Facebook page. Since the beginning of the collaboration, we’ve been working closely with our partners from Mediator to create exciting and engaging content for the Facebook page each month.

We cover all topics related to Hungary and everything it has to offer. Also, we’re always here to suggest a local twist on specific content and advise which topics appeal to the Croatian audience and should cover more.

Picture shows Budapest at night

Alongside content creation, we’re also responsible for community management on the Facebook Page. It is sure to say that our community managers have already learned a ton of interesting facts about our neighbouring country by curating Page content. But in addition to their education about Hungary, we enjoy having a sense of a strong community of Hungary enthusiasts from Croatia on our Page.

By communicating with our audience through comments and inbox messages, we discovered a lot of almost hidden interest about Hungary in Croatia and questions just waiting to be answered. We’re constantly trying to engage our audience and give them valuable content that will encourage them to plan that trip to Hungary and places they wouldn’t necessarily visit if they hadn’t followed the pages we manage.

Picture shows Hungarian countryside and nature