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Importance of good targeting for brand awareness campaign

Bayer is a global company with key activities in the Life Science business, specifically in the areas of healthcare and agriculture. According to international standards, the Crop Science Department is number one in the field of plant protection. The Crop Science regional sales team operates in the area from Slovenia through Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia to Albania, and they are closely connected with colleagues from Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and Serbia in order to adapt their international knowledge to the specifics of the region and their country and in the same way grew.  

Creative campaign development
Creative direction
Facebook advertising
Google advertising
Media buying (radio, TV, OOH)

Field of wheat

Goals and the challenge

Bayer’s brand manager reached out to us at the beginning of 2022 with a need for a brand awareness campaign in the Croatian market. Their goal was to reach the target audience and grow brand awareness just in time before the season started. Also, they wanted to introduce new, innovative products to the market that were specially designed for eco-farmers.

The challenge was to present their products to end customers as the best, wholesome solution for their needs and problems.

What we did

The first step to the solution was to do our research: who is our target audience, what media are they consuming, what kind of communication triggers them, etc. Once we had a clearer picture of that, we started composing the diverse media plan. It consisted of online and offline advertising, such as Facebook advertising and Google search, and on the offline end of media buying – TV, radio, and OOH. Once we got the green light, we started with creative campaign development that consisted of coming up with a key visual and the key message that would be shown throughout all the media. For the key messages, it was important we spoke the language of our target audience, the farmers. That’s why we constructed the communication around the terms that are triggers to them and not the mass audience. We got the biggest impact with that and the carefully thought media plan. The campaign lasted over three months, with offline campaigns lasting two to four weeks. OOH was mostly concentrated on the continental part of Croatia and Istria (which have most fields), TV commercials were shown around the show Plodovi zemlje and More, while radio aimed at the entire country.

Media plan chart

Media plan chart


After the campaign ended, we let the echo effect do its job before we got wholesome feedback from our client. And the feedback was great! Sales and demand for the advertised products have grown, and sales representatives got more and more inquiries. Regarding the online part of the campaign, we had high CTR and search impression share. All in all, we can say the campaign was a success!

Bayer billboard Hussar
Bayer billboard Ascra pro
Bayer billboard Serenade Aso
Bayer billboard Sivanto prime