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Vulcanization services but make it fun and educational


Goodyear's sub-brand Vulco is a service network of primarily vulcanization services but offers other vehicle maintenance services. Vulco brand is active in southeastern Europe in Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, while Goodyear uses a different brand in central and other parts of Europe. We at Kontra manage all the Facebook accounts of the brand Vulco mentioned above.

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The challenge

Because of the nature of their business, and a well-branched service network throughout these four countries, it’s imperative to communicate the exact locations of all services along the services these workshops offer. We started with somewhat inconspicuous photos of these workshops but soon realized this approach wasn’t delivering the wanted results. Vulco’s social media strategy needed a 180 turn.


What we did

The premise behind the solution was based on three things. First, people like to travel (and learn about new destinations) and second, they want to read about their hometowns or locations familiar to them. They also only care about vehicle services once their vehicle needs them. We employed these three realizations to create what we called “destination posts”. The concept is pretty simple. Instead of talking about workshops, we took a broader view and started writing about cities and towns as well as about cultural and natural landmarks and attractions. We wanted to use as few words as possible to provide as much information as we could about these places. Taking up only a tiny percentage of copy to offer only the most vital information about services themselves.

The result

We got a super-engaging content pillar which was extremely low-cost to produce. Yes, we might have mistaken some mountain or creek photos in the process, but we also learned a lot about our region. As we say in the Balkans, you don’t make anything if you don’t make mistakes.
Besides that, we helped raise awareness about the importance of proper vehicle service before a road trip. As a result, we brought a notable increase in visits to all partner services in the network and a significant increase in engagement across all four countries’ pages.


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