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With a Great Fanbase Comes Great Social Media Activity


There is something special about a new cup or set of plates in your kitchen selection. If you agree with that statement, you probably heard of our dear client, Tognana. They're a famous Italian kitchenware manufacturer, well established in many European markets. They are also our dear clients and one of the long-time runners from our portfolio. We started our collaboration back in 2018. on the Croatian market and soon took over the Slovenian market too.

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Picture shows Tognana Facebook cover which showcases different lines of Tognana dishwear

As an undisputed leader in its category, Tognana attracts the attention of an increasingly demanding consumer with a series of high-quality products. Since the very start, we wanted to clearly communicate the tradition and high quality that stands behind the Tognana brand name. In Croatia, we had quite an advantage since it was already a household name that many consumers knew very well. Once we opened social media accounts, we had an amazing response almost instantly, and our inbox was folded with many questions about the availability of different lines of Tognana kitchenware. In Slovenia, we needed a little more time before establishing a community but today we’re proud that we have a strong base of Tognana lovers over there too.

Picture shows Tognana Instagram feed which is created from different lines of Tognana dishes.
Picture shows Tognana Instagram feed which is created from different lines of Tognana dishes.

We love to say that Tognana has one of the strongest online bases of fans we’ve seen on our projects. Since we’ve been managing its Facebook and Instagram profiles for 5+ years, we know certain superfans by name. They have been with us from day one of opening our social media channels. Now, that’s true dedication, isn’t it? But, with a strong fanbase, there comes a LOT of social media activity. Our comment section is always full of (mostly positive) comments, and fans are not shy of inbox messages either. Since Tognana doesn’t have headquarters in Croatia or Slovenia, we serve as a true customer service and filter the request towards management in Italy in case of complaints or reclamations. This kind of workflow really learned us to handle any communication with our audience, and we got to know their problems and wishes regarding the brand firsthand. We used that knowledge to create content that they’ll be interested in, and that will answer their frequently repeated questions. A true form of what brand social media accounts should be.

Picture shows colorful plates from Tognana
Picture shows Tognana mugs with hearts
Picture shows Tognana mugs with red hearts
Picture shows colorful Tognana dinner plates
Picture shows elegant Tognana dinner plates