Tokić is the leading retail chain of auto parts in Croatia, with more than 230 world-renowned manufacturers for all passenger and commercial vehicles.

With over 110 retail stores throughout Croatia and Slovenia, Tokić offers more than 260,000 different products.

Their story began 30 years ago, when two brothers, Ilija and Stojan, established the company.

Over the years, they've always been keeping pace with the latest technology and overall industry trends.

In 2020, they noticed the need for a new, modern website.



Now, there's a reason why we mentioned the total number of their products. We had to keep in mind all those parts manufacturers and create a custom solution for car parts catalog browsing. The task was to showcase all of them and not make a mess of it all. So, we had to be tidy, smart, and adaptable.

Although we had their old website as a reference, we also had to create the new website's written content. Respecting the tone of voice implied. Besides content writing, copywriting was also one of our tasks. We wrote compelling titles, engaging call-to-actions, and other fresh pieces of copy.

The particularity of the website was that we needed to prepare it with 3 sites in one. What did that mean? We needed to place a single website where there were previously three. One of those three being the main Tokić website, and the other two were Tokić Education Center (TEC) and Auto Check Center (ACC). The task was to unite those sites under one digital roof. We needed to create a mothership for every Tokić website visitor.


Besides the need for organizing a considerable amount of products, which also means a vast dana volume, we had to establish a multilingual website. This was achieved with a multilingual website WPML plugin

One of the biggest challenges was to build a custom catalog of products from scratch. And although we had some libraries available from the Internet, that was the test of our expertise, patience, and diligence. But, the main thing is, we've passed with flying colors.

As all of that wasn't enough, we had to build a custom assortment featuring 50,000 different products. This was a challenge for both design and development because we had to watch out for UX while achieving the website stability, which mustn't crash under this much data.


First of all, we created several smart solutions for the website with all the previously listed parts. What we needed to do was to organize such a big load of brands in one thoughtful order.

When it comes to tone of voice, we used the classic questionnaire method. i.e., What would your brand be like if it were a person? Our dear clients cooperated with us and responded promptly. Otherwise, completing this task wouldn't be possible.

It is their two sub-websites, which took loads of our time to make and create. We had to describe every lecture and every seminar. Also, showcase how they're a company that invests in employers and mechanics' education from other companies and small businesses.












Once the project was done, our partners, Tokić d.o.o. ended up with an excellent, custom-designed website worthy of such a successful company.

Probably the most important thing to mention is the design:

  • At the very beginning, we won some hearts with our design template
  • During the project, we had to create a custom design for the website and an enormous number of custom templates to follow
  • In the end? Well, see for yourself: https://www.tokic.hr/

We believe we've met all of the requests of our client. More importantly, our partners from Tokić also think so. The final result is a user-friendly, responsive website with straightforward navigation and modern design.

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