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VLuv Hub

Humanizing Menopause through Authentic Conversations with VluvHub

Vluv Hub is a podcast aiming to break the taboo and provide a personal perspective on the topic of menopause, which is often missing from professional or medical discussions. We have joined forces to create a unique website experience for their audience.

Art Direction
Web Design
Web Development
Motion Design


About the Client

Judy, Sue, and Anne are hosting a podcast about menopause and other women’s issues. In addition, they are building a community to educate and support women going through these changes.

These women wanted to discuss the issues of menopause, break the taboo and demystify some common misconceptions. Most of the podcasts and resources available on menopause are created by different professionals such as doctors, medical institutions, etc. Still, there’s a lack of perspective on the topic by the women who go through it themselves.

Main Tasks

To be the first to address these common but under-discussed problems in the form of a podcast is quite a bold move and the website had to reflect this idea. In addition, we had to balance it to get one feminine but mature look.

Therefore, we concluded that the website has to:

  • Be open & approachable
  • Be bold & progressive
  • Target urban & savvy women

Also, before starting to deep dive into the visual aspect, we have defined the main goals of a new website:

  • Informing women (and men) about the podcast
  • Getting users familiar with the hosts
  • Selling merchandise to support the host’s further work.

The Final Product

Let’s start with the tone of voice. Creators of Vluvhub use a direct, bold, but inviting tone of voice to engage with the public. We wanted to convey this tone with visual language and express it through colors, shapes, and functional qualities. Website is conceived as a very approachable place for women to ask questions, interact and feel invited to engage in discussion.

We wanted to keep the overall appeal feminine but not juvenile, and we accomplished it by utilizing a pink and black combination with a relatively classical but readable type. By combining the stability and classical appeal and feel of the Garamond type with a more direct and bolder Inter, we have found a balance between boldness and approachability. Dominant Borest type further helped to emphasize this delicate balance.

The cherry on the top was our decision to go with the natural language form. Menopause is a sensitive subject, and instead of strictly medical texts on the subject whose website mimics their tone of voice, the goal was to have a humane and approachable way for anyone interested to get in touch with the knowledgeable founders of VluvHub.

We also animated the whole website to deepen the sense of consistency and unity.