Turning things around

Prijatelji životinja

Taking a Creative Stand For Things That Matter

During last year's winter start, we joined forces with Animal Friends Croatia, the domestic partner of the European organization Fur free alliance. A campaign with a noble but also an important cause. We needed to collect 8,460 in Croatia to contribute to an EU-level petition. The petition aimed to ban animal breeding for fur processing in all EU countries.

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Our main message in Croatian is a word-play of the proverb “Blood’s thicker than water”, which, directly translated, means “Blood’s not fashion. That idea is based on the thought that we are all living beings and evolutionary – animals. Signing the petition meant being on the right side of history where we don’t kill our proverbial family to attire ourselves. Especially not at a time when there are many alternative clothing options.

It was challenging, but we collected 10,099 signatures, contributing to the bigger cause. Knowing we’re making a real difference with our creative endeavours is incredible, taking a step towards a more compassionate future for animals.