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Boost Your Business Revenue with Effective Facebook Advertising Strategy

Plava Laguna reached out to us with a problem that needed to be solved. The problem? They didn't see a direct impact on revenue from Facebook advertising. After digging deep into Facebook analytics, we detected some things that could be improved. For example, there were technical issues in Facebook pixel (glitches in data collecting), missing online events, and Facebook ads targeting, which could be better. We created advanced audience segmentation through the prism of different sales funnel stages.    

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What did we do?

With the help of Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension and the Facebook Event tool, we fixed the glitches and events (we covered the funnel with events). We also added custom code in Google Tag Manager to help with event tracking.

How did we fix the Facebook Ads? We tested them by creating ad variations for active families, extroverts and introverts.

Now you are probably wondering what the results were. Facebook advertising revenue was 380% higher. Impact from Facebook advertising to website revenue was 233% higher. And ROAS was 51.39.

What did we do
Facebook advertising revenue
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