Turning things around


Cleaning Up the Competition with Creative Solutions for Kärcher

One of the world’s biggest manufacturers of home and professional maintenance equipment. The creative solutions we provided supported our strategy, and we cleaned up with the results.

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About the Client

Kärcher is a multinational company specialized in home and professional products that serve to clean everyday and extraordinary projects. They have been on the Croatian market since 2017 and haven’t done any significant marketing campaigns, so they wanted to go all out.
Also, Kärcher is a company that sees every day as a day for big targets and solutions. So, when we took over this client in February of 2021, it was clear what their expectations were of us. And we think we didn’t disappoint. You can find more about Kärcher here.


Main Tasks

As Kärcher is a well-established company with high-quality products and loyal customers, they made our job easier from the start. Nevertheless, they wanted to achieve more, and that’s where we came in.

Our tasks for the campaigns (spring and autumn) were:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase in sales
  • Higher visibility

Disclaimer: Alongside these seasonal campaigns, we were in charge of their social media and advertising management (Google and Facebook) all year round. Also, we supported them in the opening of their new store in Varaždin, through billboards, radio, social media and GDN.

The Challenge

Since we are talking about an already successful brand, what was the challenge here? The challenge was to show a fantastic company and products even better and more interestingly. Also, a very positive challenge for us was the coordination of such huge campaigns. Bear in mind we are talking about the online and offline media mix.

Asset 11-100
Asset 9-100

The Process

We can all agree that vacuuming products or products for cleaning your garden are not the sexiest or most fun ones. That is why we knew we needed to develop different, funny and eye-catching claims that would go great with the hero products. Also, claims and the entire campaigns had to be applicable to multiple different media as well – billboards, radio, GDN, trams, etc.

01 Suggest an amazing media mix for the campaigns
02 Book the media
03 Come up with Key visuals and slogans (fun ones!)
04 Bring them to life and make sure the client likes them as much as we do
05 Implement it all over the media
06 Merging digital marketing with the offline actions to achieve the highest possible coherence with the Kärcher brand
07 Collecting the feedback from customers, client, media


As mentioned earlier, we created 2 campaings for Kärcher; one in spring, and one in autumn. A picture is worth a 1000 words, so let us show you what we worked on.

Asset 4-100
Asset 2-100


The best feedback we could have got was when our client told us they’d reached their yearly KPIs a few months before the year’s end. Other results we would like to mention are an increase in the number of followers all over social media, a more recognizable brand, a higher number of inquiries for collaborations and advertising in media.


We had a great time working on these campaigns because they made us push our limits. We loved that the client gave us open arms when it came to creativity which always makes us happy (especially our creative department). As already mentioned, the client achieved their sales goals before time, which is, in our opinion, one of the best indicators of a work well done. Also, the campaign’s success wouldn’t be possible if the communication between the client and us wasn’t positive and healthy.