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Tradition Meets Innovation: Reta's B2B Webshop and Presentation Page


Reta , the leading manufacturer of nails and wire products in Croatia, with a more than 100-year-old tradition, approached us to create a fast, contemporary presentation page and B2B webshop with easy accessibility to information for good user flow. Later on, after the initial success, we continued to cooperate, and as a result, we developed a third website, one for the physical store.

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About the Client

Reta is the leading manufacturer of nails and wire products in Croatia, with more than 100-year-old tradition.

The company has been operating under its current name for 30 years. Its mission is to become one of the largest manufacturers and distributors in its area in Croatia and the region.

They approached us confidently and tasked us to create a presentation page and B2B webshop.

The client was looking for a website fast, a contemporary-looking page that reflects the company’s vision and functionality, and a good user flow that makes information easily accessible.

Main tasks

Some of the key goals include assortment overview, catalog overview, and news contact.

The key was to design several solutions, primarily how the assortment would be immediately visible and searchable.

We have proposed a solution of creating a mega menu and an assortment page showing five main product categories and multiple subcategories for each.

This makes all items or types of products easier to search for. The idea for the overall look and feel came from the photography and dominant colours of the tools and materials in the factory, while the logos and primary blue color were defined beforehand by the client.


Physical store website

In the end we have designed three separate websites for Reta in the last two years; a company presentation site, B2B webshop and a physical store website.
The need to create distinct websites came primarily from market segmentation, as well as differences in assortment between warehouses and manufacturer as well as store pages.
The content matches to a certain extent, but the biggest difference between the website of the store and the manufacturer is in the assortment itself.