How to become a market leader in a competitive car industry?

Thanks to a well-implemented marketing campaign, Suzuki became Croatia’s top-selling automaker, and their dealer ATT Suzuki became the best-selling dealer in the whole country. Suzuki Vitara had a market share of whopping 65.92% in private customer segment.

The challenge
Kontra agency has been working with ATT Suzuki for four years helping them with Facebook advertising and lately with Google Adwords, as well.





How did we reach our goals?





In a country where German cars were top sellers for years, Suzuki became the top seller thanks to best-buy cars and well-implemented marketing campaign by their top dealer. Suzuki Vitara holds more than 50% of the market share among private customers. In some counties, it even beats Volkswagen overall.

Our client’s statement

The presence on social networks as well as Facebook advertising and Google ads have brought us a new dimension of communication with customers. We are, first and foremost, communicating to a younger audience, active on social networks and interested in topics we can encourage and the content we can share. This gives us the opportunity to share personal experiences of driving and experiencing Suzuki vehicles, which we consider to be the most important advantage of these channels. Namely, our marketing approach is not just advertising, but sharing Suzuki experience. Such channels are a perfect platform for us to achieve this and our experience was extremely positive when we collaborated with Kontra Agency and, with their help, we triggered Facebook page as well as Facebook advertising. Our collaboration with Kontra worked well because we recognized the specificity and the traps of the social media where expertise is of crucial importance. Namely, quality communication, targeted and content-based announcements, quick response and actualities are what we want to communicate. We have continued to grow together, and after four years, we are happy to say that we are expanding our cooperation.

Tina Šušnjar