Turning things around

Ads as a means of creating desire and solving it

Camping Ugljan

Camping Ugljan reached out to us in need of help booking stays in the camp for the upcoming season. No prior advertising accounts or past data to learn from were available. The only available information was the experience of owners from past seasons. And so our work has begun!    

Facebook Advertising

Google Advertising


Camping Ugljan featued image showing Camping Ugljan logotype of gray background

How we approached the problem

A relatively new camp and lack of information means starting from scratch. Market research, audience research, wishes, and realistic possibilities must be incorporated alongside essential camp features into catchy ads to achieve our goal.
While we did our research and preparations, they also had an important mission—to acquire quality camp photos! Now, the real work has started!
Different countries mean different languages, interest groups need different vital features, and the inevitable A /B testing of various visuals and creatives.
We used image and video ads to send information and invitations to targeted audiences.


Camping Ugljan example Ad
Camping Ugljan example Ad

The Result

We hit our goals perfectly in the first year, filling the camp and keeping the owner thrilled. That success fueled some severe brainstorming for year two. We elevated our efforts and expectations for the following year, and the results were phenomenal. Camp booked solid for the whole season – way faster than ever before!
It feels good to know our digital ads were a game-changer.