Turning things around

Evolving communication strategy with a focus on health

St. Catherine Specialty Hospital

Traditional marketing strategies connected to obesity have often relied on promoting external beauty as a critical aspect of attractiveness. However, such an approach usually fails to convey essential issues related to health preservation. In this campaign, we recognized that we needed to change this paradigm and wanted to transform the communication strategy to emphasize health aspects. With this campaign, it was essential to emphasize that beauty comes from the inside, so we focused on healthy organs. Luckily, our client agreed. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of health challenges and support those struggling with metabolic problems. The target audience was individuals who were aware of their health problems but faced feelings of condemnation, helplessness, and depression.


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About the Client  

St. Catherine Special Hospital, founded in 2011, is the largest private hospital in Croatia. Renowned as a European center of excellence, it offers comprehensive medical services with advanced equipment and technology without waiting times. Its multidisciplinary approach enables top-notch diagnostics, therapy, surgeries, and rehabilitation comparable to leading global healthcare institutions. St. Catherine recognized the obesity issue and launched a new center dedicated to personalized and effective obesity treatment. The Obesity Center is designed not only for treating obese patients but also those with cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, as well as individuals exposed to stress and cardiovascular risk factors. 

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Challenge & What We Did?

Our approach was based on promoting health as a primary goal. Instead of portraying obese people, the communication was focused on informing about the health consequences, neglecting one’s health, and providing support and resources to solve them. Obesity is not only an aesthetic problem but a significant health problem because it is associated with some diseases, from cardiovascular, diabetes and others. 

The goal of the campaign was to send a message that is strong enough, but not offensive, to shake the target audience with that message: Beauty comes from within.  


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Our campaign helped raise awareness since people started coming to St. Catherine’s Center for Obesity even more than before, and we made an essential step toward a healthier Croatia. After this campaign, motivated by the satisfaction of the campaign and the impressive results and positive reaction of the target group, the client decided to cooperate with us on other marketing activities, such as Google advertising of the Dental Center. This decision indicates confidence in our ability to provide quality services and to create a significant impact through marketing activities. 

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