Useful tools for Google Ads campaign planning

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Google paid advertising isn’t a novelty in digital marketing. But, with time its complexity is growing and becoming more refined and thus we believe that PPC experts will agree when we say that an organized Google Ads campaign is a true piece of art.

Still, as an old Chinese saying goes, a 1000 miles road begins with a single step, so it’s the case with competence in Google Ads. If you are still on this first step, we assembled a few tools which will prove themselves useful whilst planning your first Google advertising campaign.

Google Trends

A tool from Google Insights which enables you to see volumes of searches for a specific term or category within a certain location you choose. That is one of the ways to check are the terms related to your product or service actually related with the market and how popular or not popular it is. Let’s say that you offer Google advertising services in United Kingdom and you want to know how many searches were there in the current year. You simply adjust the time and location for your term and Google lays it all in front of you. Awesome, right? Of course, those are very detailed approximations because we can’t know the precise number of searches, but it’s still very valuable data for your future campaign. Based on that, you can see the demand for your product and it will help you set up your budget. For example, we typed in the term ‘ppc advertising’ and saw it was less popular than the term ‘Google advertising’. Based on this info, we can conclude that the competition for the first term is going to be far bigger and that we need to take that into account when planning our campaign.

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Google Keyword Planner

After an insight in what your potential buyers are searching on Google, it is time for you to plan the keywords you are going to use in your campaigns. Based on the preliminary Google Trends research, we can easily set what are the points of interest for our campaigns, but do we know the exact phrases? No, but we can guess, right? But, Google decided to help you even in this stage. So let us introduce you to Google Keyword Planner. This free tool helps you set your keywords based on your website, but it has more than one tool in it. Except the keywords, it can help us with planning our budget thanks to our chosen keywords and their popularity and competition, location language etc. Furthermore, you can get predictions of your campaign results, as well. Pretty handy, we’d say.

Google Display Planner

If you are planning to run Google Display campaign along with your Search Network campaign, you don’t need a Keyword planner, but Display planner for this phase. As we wrote before, display campaigns are used for remarketing campaigns, so this tool will certainly prove itself useful at some point of your marketing strategy. Of course, this tool is not focused on recommending you the right dimensions and creatives for your banners, but on the predictions and results of your future campaign based on your targeted audience and locations and your planned budget.

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Page Speed Insights

This tool isn’t used primarily for planning your campaign, because it belongs to Google Developer tools, but you should know that the quality and optimization of your web page influences on your ad ranking as well on the position of them. This tool is designed in order to ‘diagnose’ your website, or, to be more precise, its level of optimization for Google as well as its adjustment to it. Page Speed tool will give you some advice in order to make your page more user friendly, to make it quicker to load, and of course, some good practice advice. The best part with this tool is the simplicity of usage: you simply paste your URL in the tool and the diagnosis is there!

These are just some of the tools which can help you in order to plan and organize your Google Ads campaign, but Google itself has a lots of tools that can help you in the moment you activate your campaigns.

If you are interested in those tools, you can contact us and find out more about Google Ads optimization.