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Keyword Research Guide for Digital Advertising Challenges

Using the right keywords in your PPC campaings can really improve your game. Focusing on the relevant keywords can increase your profits and...


Ad Extensions – What They Are And Why Use Them

Ad extensions are to ads the same as the spices are to our food. Something extra that makes them better.

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Image Extensions – a new addition to Search campaigns

Image extensions are Google's latest addition to text Search ads. Google is constantly changing and upgrading options and features, and while...

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Who is Luka Modric and how we can use him to explain ad attribution?

Luka Modric is a football player who rarely scores, but still he is a vital player in his team and was selected as a Player of the year. Let...


5 advantages of LinkedIn advertising

Still not using LinkedIn advertising? Here's why you should.

Google vs Facebook

Why Facebook isn’t and won’t ever be Google

We are often asked by our clients (also other companies): "What is the best pick for me and which one will bring me the best results?"  That...

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Important Google Ads Campaign Metrics

Are you getting lost in all those numbers Google Ads is providing you? Well, Google does give us a lot to look at and it's hard to take some...


How To Optimize Your Google Adwords Video Campaign

After you've created your Google Adwords Video campaign, the numbers may or may not be the way you'll want them to be.

Google Video Adwords

How To Create Your First Google Ads Video Campaign

You have a nice looking video and you want people to see it? You think that it could really raise awareness about your brand and that the sales...

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Your First Google Ads Display Campaign – The Optimization

Thought that it's enough to create a Display campaign and that clicks will come flying in? Well, just like Search campaigns, Display campaigns...


Your First Google Adwords Display Campaign – The Creation

Have some sweet banners and you're looking forward to 'putting them on the internet'? Well, it might not be as easy and simple as you think.


Your first Google Adwords Search campaign – The Optimization

You've created your first Adwords Search campaign? Congratulations. Now comes the fun (hard) part. Check out this blog post and learn about...


Your first Google Ads Search campaign – The Creation

Battling with creating your first Google Ads Search Campaign? No worry, we're here to make your life easier.


What can you do with Google Adwords?

Explore numerous options Google Adwords is offering you and step into the wonderful world of online campaigns


How to link Google AdWords account to Google Analytics?

Your advertising game could really benefit from linking your Google Adwords and Analytics. We explained why and how to do that in this blog...

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Why and how to get started with Google AdWords?

Google Adwords could be very valuable to your business if you know how to use it. Check out this blog post and set up your Google Adwords account...

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How to Track Conversions via Facebook Ads

If you want to know if your campaign is actually profitable, learn how to track conversions via Facebook ads

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Beginner’s Guide to First Google AdWords Search Campaign

If you need a few tips & trick for your first Google AdWords search campaign, we've got you covered

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Useful tools for Google Ads campaign planning

Planning Google Ads campaign? Help yourself out with some of these tools