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What is Google Quality Score, and What Affects it?

If you deal with Google advertising actively, create, manage and optimize campaigns, you have probably come across the concept of Quality Score...

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Google Ads Campaign Types: Find the Best Match for Your Business

Learn the best practices for creating a Google Ads account. Discover all the differences between various avaiable campaign types.


Blog Writing – How to write a post about stuff you don’t really know that much about?

Writing is something that can be done by anyone (on the first sight at least). But can it be done right? There are all sorts of techniques that...

Keyword research

How to do a Quality Keyword Research? – Beginner’s Guide

The higher your website is placed, the more visitors you'll have. Learn how to do a keyword research and work towards accomplishing that.

Google vs Facebook

Why Facebook isn’t and won’t ever be Google

We are often asked by our clients (also other companies): "What is the best pick for me and which one will bring me the best results?"  That...


Why is blog necessary if you work in tourism?

You work in tourism and are interested to create a lasting relationship with your customers, but don't know where to start? Read our blog post...


Your first Google Ads Search campaign – The Creation

Battling with creating your first Google Ads Search Campaign? No worry, we're here to make your life easier.

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Useful tools for Google Ads campaign planning

Planning Google Ads campaign? Help yourself out with some of these tools