Doing social media in-house or hire an agency?


When it comes to social media and managing different accounts, many companies find themselves doubtful about who should take care of that marketing segment. There are two choices: opting for a person within the company and giving them that task or contacting a specialized digital agency. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages which is what we’re going to talk about in this article.

Advantages  + Disadvantages –

It only requires your time, not money.

You or your employees know your company the best.

You have a direct contact with employees and colleagues who can help you.

Time is money.

To get high quality it is necessary to get the education from experts.

There will always be something more important and urgent than worrying about social networks

Hire an agency

The agency is run by social media experts who are up to date with all the latest news and features.

The agency provides support for more than 8 hours a day as one in-house employee would work.

Applying the agency’s experience will achieve results faster than beginners within the company.

The competition has already hired the agency and is achieving excellent results.

Agency employees will need some time to get to know your business and your values.

You need to pay the agency you decide to hire.

There needs to be constant communication between you and the agency so you can monitor their results well.

To make a right decision ask yourself a few questions:

How many extra time do people within your company or you have? If not – hire the agency.

How much is the opportunity cost of a person who would manage company’s social network? If it’s too big – hire the agency.

Is competition already present on social networks and you want to catch up to it quickly? If it is – hire the agency.

Want a professional service, better results and support 24/7? If yes – hire the agency.

You want to control everything and don’t trust anyone who is not an employee? If the answer is yes – work in-house.

How much is your budget? If you do not have it – work in-house.

Ultimately, the decision of all directors/marketing managers will depend on their own specific situation, their wishes, and budgets. The most important thing is to initially understand social networks as a serious channel of communication with consumers, to define plans and goals, to provide the budget (not necessarily money) and only then make a decision.

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