4 best Facebook eCommerce apps


If you’re running an eCommerce business there is a huge variety of shopping tools at your disposal. From giant web shops that take months to complete to smaller WordPress-based shops that can be set up in a matter of hours, the web has you covered. For those who see Facebook as their preferred business network, there are a lot of options too. During the last few years, Facebook has evolved into a social network that boasts a plethora of business opportunities and is slowly turning into an eCommerce powerhouse. Here’s our list of top 4 Facebook eCommerce apps that you can use. Each of them has their own unique strengths, so this list is in no particular order.


Ecwid Facebook ecommerce app

One of the most popular, if not the most popular, Facebook eCommerce apps is without a doubt Ecwid. The reason why Ecwid is so popular, besides just being a good app, is its free plan for people who sell less than 10 products. That’s right – you get access to Ecwid’s core functions for free and it lasts forever, as long as you have 10 products or less. Let’s say you’re a relatively popular Youtuber who sells some t-shirts. This is, hands down, the best bang for you buck Facebook eCommerce app you can find out there. The same goes for various people who use Facebook to sell their jewelry, handcrafts, or something similar. For those who are shooting for more products, Ecwid offers three additional models – venture ($15/month for 100 products or less), business ($35/month for 2500 products or less), and unlimited ($99/month for an unlimited amount of products).

Now, if you’re serious about your Facebook eCommerce business, you might want to eventually purchase a paid plan as the free plan is quite basic and doesn’t offer some functionalities such as discount coupons. The same goes for SEO as the free plan hasn’t got the best SEO functions out there. It’s a convenient solution if you don’t already own a webshop as it takes care of hosting and allows you to do business without too much hassle.


Besides Ecwid, Shopify is probably the most popular Facebook eCommerce app out there. Shopify offers three pricing models – Basic Shopify ($29/month) for those who are just starting their business, Shopify ($79/month) for those who wish to accommodate the needs of their growing eCommerce business and Advanced Shopify ($299/month) for those who wish to scale the features of their well-established eCommerce business.

The thing about Shopify, though, is that it isn’t really an eCommerce app, but a combination of eCommerce app and website builder. It allows you to manage your eCommerce business across various channels. Basically, you build a webshop and when you publish it you get to publish your store on a preexisting myshopify domain or to choose the domain you like. Afterward, it’s relatively easy to sync the shop to your Facebook page and start selling.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Shopify is really good when it comes to your shop’s design and layout, reminiscent of WordPress, and with a few lines of code you can tweak the shop to fit your needs even more. One more thing worth mentioning is that Shopify offers a lot of variety when it comes to SEO which allows you to configure even the slightest details to make sure your products and up to where they are supposed to in a way they are supposed to.


BigCommerce is another one giant in the eCommerce industry. Focusing both on small and fast growing businesses and high-volume enterprises, BigCommerce has a lot to offer. The plans at your disposal are Standard ($29.95/month) and Plus ($79.95/month) for small and medium businesses and Pro ($199.95/month) and Enterprise (custom tailored pricing) for large businesses and enterprises.

Just like with most popular eCommerce solutions for smaller businesses, BigCommerce doesn’t require you to do any coding, unless you really want to so the shop is relatively easy to set up. It connects directly to your Facebook shop just like Shopify does. BigCommerce doesn’t have any transaction fees, but it does put a cap on your annual sales and that limit depends on the plan you purchased and is $50.000 for Standard, $125.000 for Plus, $1.000.000 for Pro and is negotiable for Enterprise. Other than that, BigCommerce is really easy to set up and offers a lot of options for online businesses in terms of SEO and functionality, although it’s a bit more expensive than other apps.


Shoptab ecommerce Facebook app

Shoptab is ideal for those who just started out and want to try things out as it offers you to do a lot for little money. Shoptab offers three plans – Standard ($10/month) for up to 500 products, Expanded ($15/month) for up to 1000 products and Ultimate ($20/month) for up to 5000 products. As you can see, pricing-wise, it’s a bargain.

Other than that, there’s not really much to say about Shoptab. If you’re looking for a cheap, fast and convenient solution for your Facebook business and you want to add a “shop now” tab on your Facebook page without too much hassle, give Shoptab a shot.