5 advantages of LinkedIn advertising


When someone mentions “Internet advertising” or even “online advertising”, most people will think of ads on Facebook or Google. Lately, even Instagram joined the party, but most people will take some time before remembering LinkedIn is also a great platform to advertise on. Obviously, not every company should include LinkedIn advertising into their digital marketing strategy, especially if you don’t have the biggest budget, but it’s worth remembering it is often looked over because people think it can’t benefit them or their business.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am here today to convince you LinkedIn advertising can definitely pay off, and maybe you should look into it if you still haven’t.

1. Networking

Any serious businessman or woman is already there. Whether you’re looking to connect with other marketers, CEOs, people in the same or similar industries, possible future employees, or even customers, be aware all these people are already using LinkedIn. Showcasing them your product or service on LinkedIn just proves you are equally serious about what you are doing and it allows you to get a bit different feedback from regular Jane and John Does on Facebook.

2. Special snowflake

Are you a special snowflake? Are you trying to sell something that’s not very usual or intended for the masses? Maybe your target audience is quite narrow or your niche is B2B oriented? Amazing – LinkedIn advertising can help you out with just that! Even more so, LinkedIn is an amazing tool to get more leads for your newsletter and by advertising it, you’ll get leads who are genuinely interested in what you have to say and share with them through a newsletter.

3. Perfect targeting

Like I mentioned before, all CEOs are already there and using LinkedIn. But if you’re not just looking to get connected with CEOs, but all people in your industry, regardless of their position, you’re in luck. It’s easier to use LinkedIn for that than Facebook or Google. By advertising on LinkedIn, you can really target the right group of people. Like I said before, if you are working in a specific niche, LinkedIn can help you out A LOT. For example, let’s assume you’re selling business solutions for software companies and you need more leads in that industry. LinkedIn advertising means you can target CTOs, CEOs, and other C-s in that part of IT community, and since they are more “serious” audiences than those on Facebook, you could potentially get better results. Now, I’m not saying you should completely give up on Facebook – just that you should consider using part of your budget for LinkedIn advertising if you haven’t so far.

4. Budgeting

For any type of advertising, the first question your traffic manager will ask you is “How big is your budget?” The same thing goes for LinkedIn. There are three options: cost per click (CPC); cost per impression (CPM); or cost per send (CPS). Along with choosing between CPC and CPM, you will also enter your suggested bid, daily budget, start date, end date, and total budget. It is worthy of mentioning that your minimum daily budget will help your campaign last throughout the day and be seen by a larger audience, but your advertisement isn’t guaranteed to spend your daily or total budget on each day. Also, don’t forget that on LinkedIn, the minimum daily budget is $10 USD. That means that if you want to receive 10 clicks per day and want to spend no more than $3 per click, you’d set your minimum daily budget at $30 per day.

5. LinkedIn has it all

Whatever you can imagine in an advertising sense, LinkedIn’s got you covered. Positioning options, forms, and ad content are very broad, and this allows you to make great adjustments to what you’re advertising specifically about the content component. Let’s say you’re selling something that is not so visually appealing, but it rocks in “content” sense. On LinkedIn, you can write your own article about it and convince the target audience why they should become your users. It goes so far that you can even make your Slideshare presentation as a LinkedIn ad, and you can place almost any ad format in a custom location within the LinkedIn interface.