Because the number of people who want to pay their bills quickly and easily is constantly growing, Croatian Post Office recognized the needs of their customers and offered them a new service, ePosta, and its mobile app mPosta.

ePosta combines various services in digital form – customers can receive their bills in an electronic mailbox, as well as letters, messages, and advertising material, but also pay their bills with payment cards or send letters and messages.

The registration process is completely free of charge, as is receiving documents and letters or sending and receiving messages. Also, with the same username, they can access the service e-Građani (eng. e-Citizens) or use it for the mPosta mobile app.

The challenge

The challenge of this project was to bring existing customers of Croatian Post Office closer to their new services and to attract new customers to try them out – all this by using Facebook and YouTube ads. But, an even greater challenge was the fact that this had to be done for middle-aged people as well as the younger ones.


How did we achieve these goals?

Results in 6 months